Here’s Why the Lowest-Scoring Super Bowl Ever Wasn’t the Most Boring

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, the world hopes for an epic showdown. Both teams are equipped to score lots of points, which will make the game exciting. One may think a low-scoring game would be boring. However, the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever was anything but dull. 

What are some of the lowest-scoring Super Bowls?

The majority of the NFL’s lowest-scoring Super Bowls came within the first 10. Here are some of the lowest-scoring championship games the NFL has ever seen: 

  • Super Bowl V: Baltimore Colts 16, Dallas Cowboys 13
  • Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys 24, Miami Dolphins 3
  • Super Bowl III: New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7
  • Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7

For 46 years, the Dolphins/Redskins matchup in Super Bowl VII held the record for the least amount of points in a Super Bowl. Why is it that some of the lowest-scoring games happened so long ago?

It’s because scoring really took off in the NFL in recent years. In the sport’s earlier seasons, offenses focused more on running the ball. Passing was rarer than it is now. In the current era, the rules have shifted to favor offenses moving down the field.

All you have to do is take one look at what constitutes pass interference in the modern game to realize that these offenses have it much easier. So the current version of the NFL is faster and higher scoring. But it may surprise you to learn which was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever.

Which is the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever?

Los Angeles Rams fans Ella Silver (L) and Moe Helmy react to Super Bowl LIII
Los Angeles Rams fans react to Super Bowl LIII | MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

The lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever took place just last year between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots won the game, 13-3 — a rather surprising result. New England has been well-known for their ability to score effectively (this season’s struggles notwithstanding).

Last year, the Rams were also a capable offensive team. Despite competing below expectations this season, Jared Goff played extremely well last season at quarterback.

But subbing the term “boring” for “lowest-scoring” would be a serious mistake. There may have been a lack of scoring between these two teams, but nothing about this game was boring. Here’s why. 

Here’s why Super Bowl LIII wasn’t the most boring

The young, offensive mastermind Sean McVay coaches the Rams. One of the compelling storylines entering the game was whether Patriots coach Bill Belichick could limit McVay’s sophisticated offensive schemes. The Patriots coach is an all-around great leader, but not particularly well-versed on defense. 

But the Patriots held the Rams out of the end zone, allowing only three points. According to USA Today, Belichick did it by incorporating unique defensive fronts and schemes the Pats had not run all year. Here’s what he had to say about the strategy: 

“We just felt like we had to put something together that would neutralize the running game and their big-play play-action passes on early downs. That’s really where they’ve killed people all year, is the 120-something explosive plays they’ve had.”

That’s exactly what the Patriots did. It may not have been a shootout, but true football fans who appreciate a good defensive chess match were treated to a truly epic conclusion to the 2019 season. 

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