Highly-Rated High School Basketball Star Mikey Williams Can Change the Game by Going to an HBCU

Mikey Williams is only 15-years-old, but he is receiving a lot of attention as a basketball player. ESPN has Williams ranked as the third-best prospect in the class of 2023.

Recently Williams has entertained the thought of playing at an HBCU for college via Twitter. If he does decide to play at an HBCU, he can start a trend of top recruits playing at HBCUs.

Who is Mikey Williams?

Mikey Williams is taking social media by storm. Williams has gained a fan base, and he still has a few more years of high school left. He will be a sophomore at San Ysidro High School in San Diego, California. Williams has gained a lot of interest from top Division I basketball programs. He has a huge social media presence, with over two million followers on Instagram.

Celebrities like Drake, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant follow him on social media. When you have names like that following you, that means you must be someone worth following. At 6-foot-2, Williams plays the game at a high level, and his game will continue to improve the older he gets. He also will continue to grow and will get stronger as well.

The young phenom has already picked up a dozen offers from some HBCU schools. Some schools that have offered him are Tennessee State, Norfolk State, and Texas Southern. Other offers from top schools will come as Williams gets older, and he will have a decision to make if he decides to go to college.

Mikey Williams entertaining the thought of an HBCU

Most top black athletes attend the top schools like Kansas, Duke, or Kentucky. But you don’t see them going to an HBCU school. In a long Instagram post, Williams explained how there will be some HBCU schools when he narrows down his college list.

“I AM RIDING FOR MY PEOPLE!” Williams wrote on Instagram. “I’M 10 TOES BEHIND THE BLACK COMMUNITY! Any way I can help or make a change in the black community, best believe I am going to do that.” There have been conversations in the past regarding top players attending black universities. There’s a reason why Williams’ post has gained a lot of attention and support from professional athletes and others in the sports industry.

Mikey Williams can start a movement

Just think if Williams does commit to an HBCU. That can change the game for college basketball. More and more top recruits will take notice, and that can start a trend. At the end of the day, NBA and professional scouts will take notice in you if you’re playing at a high level no matter what school you attend.

One reason that top black athletes don’t attend HBCU’s is because of the facilities. You take a Howard University and compare it to a University of Kentucky. The facilities differ in a big way. But having a top athlete like Williams attend a school like Howard can bring in revenue for the school. In the past, HBCU’s have produced top athletes like William Rudolph (Tennessee State), Bob Hayes (Florida A&M), Willis Reed (Grambling State), and Earl Monroe (Winston Salem State). So, these athletes can attend HBCU’s and still continue to succeed in the professional world. It will be interesting to see what Williams decides to do.