How Antonio Brown Could Factor Into Tom Brady’s Free Agency Decision

The centerfold of focus this offseason has been star quarterback Tom Brady‘s upcoming free agency this offseason. It has put his future with the New England Patriots in real jeopardy with him seriously considering the options that he will have on the table ahead of his 21st season in the league. There could be a plethora of ways his decision plays out. There is one factor that could impact his choice as Brady appears to be potentially eyeing pairing up with star wide receiver Antonio Brown and the Titans appear to be that team for that scenario.

Tom Brady hoping to reunite with Antonio Brown?

At this moment, there isn’t any clarity on what exact Brady will do in free agency. The only thing that remains clear is that the star quarterback is going to explore those options.

According to Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, one of those scenarios could be teaming up with former Patriots teammate Antonio Brown as they have kept in contact with each other.

“Brady keeps in consistent contact with Brown and has told Brown he wants to play with him wherever Brady goes next.”

Brown is currently out of the league as he’s still under investigation for his troubling off-the-field matters. Meanwhile, he has some pending legal matters that first must be work out in his favor before returning to the NFL can even become a possibility.

Nonetheless, it shows that Brady has a strong desire to play again with former All-Pro wideout if he does get another chance. The two displayed a promising connection on the field during their brief stint together in New England last season before Brown was cut.

Titans could pave way for Tom Brady/Antonio Brown duo

At this point, this may very well be Brady keeping all of his options open, but some teams could meet his request.

The Titans would fall into that realm as there is growing traction towards them being significantly in the running to acquire the star quarterback. If adding Brown to the mix would help their chance, you have to believe that they will make that happen.

Tennessee has the salary cap space to make it happen with more than $47 million at their disposal this offseason. Granted, a chunk of that would be eaten up by retaining Henry and potential bringing aboard Brady, but it would leave some for Brown to return on a prove-it type of deal.

Beyond the Titans possessing some promising pieces in the puzzle with Derrick Henry and wideout A.J. Brown, adding the former Pro Bowl wideout could provide another significant boost to the offense. Pairing him alongside their second-year wideout, who is coming off an impressive rookie campaign, would give Brady two dynamic receiving threats that he severely lacked with the Patriots last season.

Could Tom Brady and Antonio Brown reunion happen in Tennessee?

If there is any significance to this new chatter, it does put another intriguing twist in Brady’s mindset heading into free agency.

The Titans could appease that request from Brady if he strongly desires to play with Brown once again. Although Brady desire to have Brown in the mix with him, the star wideout’s availability is out of their hands. He has to go through his legal process first while he could face some punishment from the NFL due to this off-the-field matters.

It just throws another possible wrench into deciphering what Brady will do in free agency if he does reach that point. Only time will truly tell what he has planned for this next chapter of his illustrious career.