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Tiger Woods‘ supremely talented son, Charlie Woods, will be back under the spotlight this weekend. Team Woods will tee it up at the 2022 PNC Championship for the third straight year, and they have revenge on their minds after finishing in second place behind Team Daly last December.

Charlie has improved immensely since we last saw him on national television. He’s even hitting drives past his old man at just 13 years old. So, how far does Charlie Woods hit his driver?

Charlie Woods is already outdriving his father, Tiger Woods

No father looks forward to the day their son can outdrive them on the golf course. In Tiger’s case, he likely thought that day was still a few years away.

But during “The Match” last weekend, the 15-time major championship winner reluctantly admitted his 13-year-old son recently outdrove him at Medalist Golf Club in Florida.

“I hate to say it, but I’m going to admit it. He finally did it a few weeks ago,” Woods told the TNT broadcast crew, and everyone watching at home. “I spun one. He tomahawked one and got me.”

Now, Tiger obviously can’t mash the ball 300-plus yards on a consistent basis like he used to. He’s 46 years old and still dealing with the leg and foot injuries he sustained in a single-car accident in January of 2021. Still, Charlie must’ve crushed one to get it past his father.

How far can Charlie Woods hit his driver?

Tiger and Charlie Woods warm up on the range.
Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie Woods, warm up together before the final round of the PNC Championship at Ritz-Carlton Golf Club | Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Comparing Tiger and Charlie Woods at 13 Years Old

At this time last year, Charlie couldn’t keep up with the big hitters in the PNC Championship field. He played a majority of the holes four tee boxes up from the championship tees because, well, he was 12 years old. But that might’ve been too much of an advantage.

Todd Lewis of Golf Channel said last year that Charlie could hit his driver “around 240 yards,” but not quite 250 yet. He was deadly accurate off the tee, but that wasn’t the most impressive part of his game.

“He’s got a tremendous little short game from 70-100 yards,” Lewis said. “He really knows how to work the ball. His dad’s been working with him quite a bit on that.”

Charlie has had a full year to get stronger and improve his game, and he’s hitting the ball farther than he was last December. According to Fox News, his swing speed is 117 miles per hour, which is faster than the PGA Tour average. If the talented youngster was able to outdrive Tiger recently, it’s fair to assume he can poke his driver somewhere between 270-290 yards.

Charlie will be moving back two tee boxes this year, one ahead of the championship tees. John Daly and Vijay Singh will be playing from the same tees, so we’ll see if the 13-year-old can keep up.