How Fast Can Patrick Mahomes Throw a Football?

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs may be going through an injury at the moment, but few would argue he’s one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Since taking over the starting job for the Chiefs he’s been nothing short of spectacular. While it’s clear Mahomes is physically gifted, just how physically gifted is he? 

Let’s take a closer look at how fast Patrick Mahomes can throw a football. 

Patrick Mahomes NFL career so far

The Chiefs drafted Mahomes with the 10th overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. After sitting a year behind Alex Smith, Andy Reid inserted him into the lineup last season. Patrick Mahomes had a year for the ages, winning the NFL MVP Award in his first year as a starter. Here are his career achievements so far:

  • Win-loss record of 18-6
  • Completed 65.7% of his passes 
  • 7,561 yards passing 
  • 65 touchdowns (including a league-high 50 last season) 
  • 8.8 yards per attempt 
  • A Pro Bowl selection

In 2018, Mahomes led the team to a 12-4 record, AFC West title, and an appearance in the AFC championship game. Unfortunately for Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quest for a title ended against the eventual champion New England Patriots. But it still felt less like a loss and more like the beginning of something big. If Mahomes could put up such epic numbers in his first season, what could he do with a little more experience under his belt? 

Prior to an injury this season, Mahomes had the Chiefs on a solid path to being contenders yet again. But to see where Mahomes may be headed in his career and what he can do, it helps to look back at where he’s been. 

Path to the NFL

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Right back at it!

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Mahomes’ name may have sounded familiar to some sports fans. That’s because his father is former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes. The younger Mahomes followed in his father’s footsteps for a while, becoming a two-sport star in football and baseball throughout high school and college. In fact, when Mahomes played in high school, he reportedly thought of playing baseball professionally for a spell: 

“According to Sam Mellinger of The Kansas City Star, Mahomes thought his future was in baseball and was afraid of jeopardizing his career with a football injury. His mom convinced him to stick with it, however, because Mahomes liked football more.”

Of course, Mahomes went with football, and the rest is history. While playing at Texas Tech, Mahomes showed he had a great arm in both baseball and football.

According to Mahomes, he can throw a baseball 96 miles per hour. Mahomes added that if he ever got back into playing baseball, he felt as if he could hit 100 miles per hour. Based on his sheer athleticism, it’s hard to doubt him. 

Patrick Mahomes’ ability to throw a baseball faster than most may be apparent, but how fast can he throw a football?

How fast can Patrick Mahomes throw a football?

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Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen challenged Patrick Mahomes to a throwing contest. Mahomes responded that he’d be happy to take Allen up on his offer, saying Allen would need at least 85 yards to beat him.

To get an idea of how strong their arms are, The Action Network compared the velocity with which both threw the football at their NFL Combines. In 2018, Allen threw 62 miles per hour — a record. Mahomes was able to throw the ball 60 miles per hour.

While Mahomes total isn’t quite as high as Allen’s, it’s still a ridiculously fast speed for throwing a football. With a number like that, there’s little doubt why Mahomes has developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.