How Many NBA Brothers Won a Championship?

There have been many players that have played in the NBA. It’s not easy for NBA players to go out and have long careers. But some can do so. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation to play in the league for a long time. It’s also not easy for brothers to make the NBA, but the league has seen its fair share of siblings play in the league. 

With all of the brothers that have played in the league, how many have won an NBA title?

How many siblings have played in the NBA?

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According to an article from published in 2019, it stated that approximately 70 sets of brothers have played in the NBA. While that number is unofficial, that is a good amount of siblings that have played in the league. There are some notable brothers that played in the league. One set of brothers that played in the league were Horace and Harvey Grant. The Grant brothers were twins and had two different NBA paths. Horace had a lot of success during his time in the league as he won four NBA titles. Though Harvey didn’t win any titles, he played in the league for 11 seasons.

Another notable set of brothers that played in the league were Brent, Jon, and Drew Barry. Here were three brothers following in their father’s footsteps. Hall of Famer Rick Barry had a chance to watch his three sons play in the league. Brent won two titles with the Spurs and won the Slam Dunk Contest in 1996. Throughout his time in the league, Jon was a high-level 3-point shooter and Drew played in 60 games through three seasons. 

Hall of Fame dynamic dunker Dominique Wilkins had a brother that played in the league. While Dominique made a name for himself during his career as a high-level dunker, his brother Gerald had a productive NBA career. Throughout his career, Gerald nearly scored 12,000 points as he averaged 13 points per game. Many other siblings have played in the league, and there will continue to be more in the future.

How many siblings have won an NBA title?

While there have been many siblings who have played in the league, the number of brothers who have won an NBA title is drastically different. In fact, it was not long ago when two brothers won an NBA title. That’s right, there’s only been one set of brothers that have won an NBA title, and that is Pau and Marc Gasol.

Pau was the first brother to win a title as he won back-to-back titles with the LA Lakers in 2009 and 2010. Then Marc recently won a title in 2019 with the Toronto Raptors. The Gasol brothers have had a lot of success during their NBA careers and are very well-respected across the league as well. 

If Giannis or Thanasis Antetokounmpo win a title, they would join their brother Kostas and become the second group of brothers in NBA history to win a title. Kostas recently was a part of the Lakers team that won the 2020 NBA title. Also, if Marcus Morris wins a title, he will join his twin brother Markieff who was a part of the Lakers team that won in 2020.

Pau and Marc Gasol will make Lakers’ history

Now that Marc Gasol signed with the Lakers, he and Pau will make Lakers’ history as the first set of brothers to play for the Lakers during their career. Pau played for the Lakers from 2008 to 2014. He had an impressive career with the Lakers as he was a three-time All-Star and a three-time All-NBA selection.

His younger brother Marc will now have the opportunity to play and possibly win a title with the Lakers. Marc was actually drafted by the Lakers in 2007 but never played for them. The Lakers ended up trading him to the Memphis Grizzlies for his brother Pau. Now Marc will play for the team that originally drafted him. Pau and Marc are two of the top international players throughout the NBA’s history, and they are two brothers who have had a lot of success in their careers.