How Mike Tirico Has Handled the 2022 Super Bowl, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and All the Traveling in Between

The Super Bowl is always the biggest sporting event of the year. This time around, all eyes are on the television sets on February 13, as the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals square off in The Big Game. NBC’s Mike Tirico has become a regular for hosting the pregame show for the Super Bowl, and he will once again be on the set ahead of kickoff.

However, Tirico has been in Beijing, China, calling the 2022 Winter Olympics leading up to the Super Bowl. But don’t worry, he will be in LA for the game on Sunday, some way or another, in a miraculous traveling situation that must have Tirico drinking lots of coffee.

Mike Tirico is doing double duty this time around and it began with the Winter Olympics

Tirico has been extremely busy doing the Olympics and preparing for the Super Bowl in a bit of an unprecedented stretch. Since NBC has the rights to both events, Tirico was the easy choice to host them.

This is the first time in history that the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics have overlapped, so Tirico is making history that might not ever be matched in the industry.

However, he is honored to be involved in both events (h/t Joe Reedy of The Associated Press).

“I didn’t need much convincing to do this. This is the opportunity of a lifetime within our profession. The biggest sporting event in the country in the middle of the biggest sporting event in the world. The chance to be a part of both is great. I’m honored to be a part of this for sure.”

Mike Tirico

It has been a busy time for Tirico, and it won’t end anytime soon.

Tirico will host the Super Bowl then turn around and immediately get back to Olympics coverage in LA

With the Olympics kicking off at the beginning of February, Tirico headed to China to cover the Games. Then, he traveled back to LA to prepare for the Super Bowl and host the five-hour-long pregame show on Sunday.

After the game and trophy presentation are over, Tirico will immediately go to an outside set and handle the Olympics with no stops in between.

Tirico will host the Super Bowl pregame and postgame presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy before going to a set outside SoFi Stadium to host Sunday night’s Olympics coverage.

Joe Reedy AP

Tirico is a busy man and admits this will be a “dream assignment.”

“They’re both dream assignments, so who needs to sleep at that point?”

Mike Tirico

From China to the Super Bowl — with an unexpected stop at Connecticut in between — Tirico will need lots of energy to get through this unbelievable stretch.

The NBC announcer was sent home from the Olympics early and has been calling the Games in Connecticut after some changes

NBC's Mike Tirico is a busy man this time of year.
NBC Sports presenter Mike Tirico | Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

When the Olympics first began, the plan was for Tirico to call them in China until February 10 then embark on a 6,200-mile flight to LA. From there, he would start Super Bowl coverage, and after the game ended, call the Olympics in LA for the meantime.

However, there was a slight change of plans for Tirico’s schedule. The network stated that Tirico’s change of plans was due to COVID and “other factors.”

Tirico was originally scheduled to stay in Beijing through Thursday before going to Los Angeles. NBC officials, though, have reiterated that his schedule was subject to change based on COVID-19 and other factors.

Joe Reedy of AP

Tirico hopefully could get some rest in Connecticut and save himself a massive amount of jetlag heading into the weekend with the travel changes.

He will be in LA to host Super Bowl 56 on NBC, then finish up and get right back to Olympic coverage before heading back to Connecticut to host the rest of the Games.

All in all, Tirico is a busy man and one of a kind.

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