How Much Do Super Bowl Tickets Cost?

It should go without saying that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest and most viewed sports events in America. More people tune in to the Super Bowl every year than to any other game in any other majoring sports league. In fact, the 2015 NFL Super Bowl ranks as the second most-watched broadcast of all time, behind on the 1969 moon landing.

For NFL fans, the only thing better than tuning in to the NFL on Super Bowl Sunday is the chance to be there in person. Of course, Super Bowl tickets remain beyond the financial means of many fans. Yet few people know how much tickets cost. Let’s take a look at this year’s game and investigate just how much it costs to be there in person.

Super Bowl 54 could be a good one

This year’s Super Bowl will feature a matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers have a good amount of experience in the big game, having made it there seven times in franchise history. The Chiefs, however, have not made it to the Super Bowl in 50 years, making this an exciting achievement for them.

Even more exciting is the fact that the Chiefs surged through the postseason behind the stellar play of their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. The 24-year-old Mahomes, who was passed over by nine teams in the 2017 NFL draft, has quickly become one of the most sensational talents in the league. His Super Bowl debut has already generated massive amounts of buzz.

Meanwhile, the 49ers will start Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback. Unlike Mahomes, Garoppolo has some Super Bowl experience, having made it that far twice while backing up Tom Brady with the New England Patriots. Expect a lot of scrutiny on Garoppolo’s game — as well as the trade that sent him to San Francisco in 2017.

This Super Bowl also marks a historic milestone with regards to 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. As many fans realize, Shanahan’s father Mike won two titles as the coach of the Denver Broncos. Shanahan Jr. will be making history as the younger half of the first-ever father-son tandem to be a head coach in the championship game.

Where and when the 2020 game will happen

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year, so it's no surprise that tickets to the game don't come cheap/
Super Bowl-winning kicker Adam Vinatieri shows off two Super Bowl tickets. | Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Barclay’s

This year’s Super Bowl is in Miami. The city has hosted the Super Bowl 10 times in the past, tied with New Orleans for most all time. This year’s game will break that tie, giving Miami 11 total Super Bowls. That said, it is notable that the city has not hosted in 10 years.

The game will take place on February 2, 2020, with kickoff scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Fox broadcasts this year’s game, which will be called by the broadcasting duo of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Erin Andrews and Chris Myers make up the sideline reporting team, with Mike Pereira chiming in as the rules expert.

So how much do Super Bowl tickets cost?

With a couple of exceptions, the average cost of a Super Bowl ticket has risen steadily every year since 2012. At that time, fans could grab a ticket for around $2,601. This year the average cost hits an all-time high of $5,337, with an upper limit currently nearing $9,000. Bear in mind, however, that that price only includes the cost of the ticket itself.

Unless Super Bowl 54 attendees are lucky enough to live in Miami, they must also budget for airfare, hotel accommodations, rental cars, parking fees, and meal costs. Back in 2015, we estimated that the total cost of attending the Super Bowl could be as high as $8,113. With the massive increase in tickets since then, it is safe to say that fans attending this year’s game will likely need to budget at least $10,000 for the excursion.