How Much Is Barry Bonds’ Net Worth?

Barry Bonds is one of the most celebrated pro baseball players of all time. He’s received multiple awards and honors and is one of the few MLB players who succeeded in playing multiple positions, including hitter and outfielder.

Although Bonds has long since retired from baseball, he stays active and is beloved by fans around the world. During his decades in sports, the eight-time Gold Glove recipient has managed to acquire an impressive net worth. Bonds has remained a very wealthy man thanks to his savvy financial sense.

How did Barry Bonds get started in baseball?

Bonds was born in 1964 and raised in California. His father, Bobby Bonds, was a well-known figure in baseball and encouraged his son to pursue the game. In high school, Barry played baseball, football, and basketball, but ultimately, he chose baseball.

During his senior year of high school, Barry was named Prep All-American. As a result, the Giants drafted him in 1982. Sadly, Barry and the Giants couldn’t agree to the terms of his contract, so he decided to wait and continue his education.

While at Arizona State University, Barry continued to perfect his game while earning a degree in criminology. In 1986, he began playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Barry stayed with them until 1992, improving the team’s numbers and awards. In 1993, he left the Pirates and signed a contract with the Giants. He stayed with San Francisco until 2007.

Bonds has experienced some controversies

Barry did not officially retire until 2009, but he wasn’t active in the game for the last several years of his career. He worked as a baseball instructor and as a special advisor to the Giants CEO. While Barry is undoubtedly one of the most talented MLB players ever, he’s weathered his share of controversies.

Some thought Barry had a bad attitude; many believed he was rude and surly to fans and fellow players. In fact, some call him one of “baseball’s biggest jerks” due to his persona. As the NY Post reports, Barry has since discussed the way he acted during his MLB years. He said he was a “dumbass” and that acting the way he did was “stupid.”

For years, rumors of steroid use dogged Barry. Still, he never failed a drug test and steroid use was never proven. In spite of that, many believe the rampant steroid rumors are preventing Barry from entering the Hall of Fame

What is Bonds’ net worth?

These days, Barry is still in the public eye, though in a different capacity. He works on behalf of various charitable organizations and raises awareness for sporting programs and ventures. While fans aren’t sure if he’ll ever formally be recognized for his contributions to the game, they maintain he’s one of the greatest players ever and has secured his legacy.

Due to his years in baseball, Barry is a wealthy man. He has a net worth of around $100 million. Even if Barry never does make the Hall of Fame, he will no doubt be able to live comfortably, secure in the knowledge that he has a truly dedicated fanbase. 

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