How Much Is Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth?

Floyd Mayweather is one of the famous, successful boxers in the sport. His fame comes from not just his undefeated 50-0 record but his unique style of boxing, too. Here’s a look at Mayweather’s career, his net worth, and what he does with all that money. 

Floyd Mayweather’s massive earnings

Due to the Muhammad Ali Act, boxers have a lot more freedom to dictate how much money they make compared to UFC fighters like Conor McGregor. For example, UFC fighters cannot get endorsement deals or sponsorships the UFC doesn’t approve of. That’s because fighters are considered independent contractors for the organization, so the UFC can fire them if they go against those rules.

Boxers like Mayweather though, are free to fight wherever they want, accept any sponsorships they choose, and negotiate with boxing promotions for as much money as they want. This is partly why Mayweather earns hundreds of millions for just one fight, while even the UFC’s most famous fighters like McGregor have a hard time doing this.

For example, over a period of seven years, Mayweather has made more money than the entire UFC roster. Much of it came from Mayweather’s biggest and most competitive fights. Obviously, the most exciting matchups will get the most viewers.

That’s why when Mayweather faced boxing greats like Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez, and Manny Pacquiao, he came home with hundreds of millions. This was the same story for his fight against McGregor. In fact, Forbes reports that Mayweather earned $275 million for fighting McGregor.

How much Floyd Mayweather is worth

Mayweather is one of the few athletes to bring in over $1 billion, but he likely doesn’t actually have $1 billion in his bank account. That’s because that money was revenue, and Mayweather still has to pay taxes and expenses. For instance, he owns his own promotion called Mayweather Promotions.

On top of this, while boxing is his main source of income, he also has a lot of sponsors and endorsement deals. These also help increase his net worth. Furthermore, his boxing promotion doesn’t just promote him; Mayweather Productions holds its own boxing events that don’t feature his fights. He also has his own franchise of gyms.

Adding it all up, we estimate that Mayweather is worth at least $560 million. However, he could actually be worth $1 billion at most. His net worth, like that of most famous athletes, changes often. Regardless, Mayweather is still the highest-paid athlete in the world.

What Floyd Mayweather spends his money on

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There’s no point in being that wealthy if you don’t spend your money on something, and that’s exactly what Mayweather does. Like many celebrities, he has a garage full of expensive luxury cars. He’s is also a big fan of high-end watches.

An avid gambler, Mayweather once bet over $1 million on a college football game. This gambling habit isn’t solely focused on sports either; he just likes to gamble in general. 

Of course, like many people, Mayweather loves to travel, and he spends a lot of money on his living situation. The fighter has several multi-million dollar homes.