How Much Is Jon Jones Worth?

When even Khabib Nurmagomedov says you’re the best, it’s probably true. Jon Jones, much like Nurmagomedov, is practically undefeated in his UFC career. As a result, he’s one of the biggest names in the sport, and he has many fans as well. Here’s a look at Jon Jones’ early career, how he’s fought to establish himself as one of the top UFC champions, and what his current net worth is.

Jon Jones a champion

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At 6’4″ and with some of the longest arms in the UFC, Jones has always been a very impressive athlete. He also has two brothers, Arthur and Chandler, who are great NFL players. So you could probably say that Jones was destined for greatness since the start of his UFC career back in 2008.

After a setback in his 2009 fight against Matt Hamill where Jones was disqualified for illegal strikes, Jones started a reign of terror in the light heavyweight division. He started knocking high-level fighters out, and in March 2011, he was given a title shot against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Rua, who himself is a legendary fighter, was simply dismantled and destroyed by the then 23-year-old Jones. 

With this victory, Jones not only became the youngest UFC champion ever, but he started one of the longest title defense streaks in UFC history. Nobody could beat him, and he had very few fights that were even close. As a result of this greatness, he became a bigger and bigger celebrity. 

Losing his title

In 2015, after he successfully defended his belt against Daniel Cormier, the UFC stripped Jones of his title following a DUI charge that he pled guilty to. His DUI incident involved an accident where he crashed his car into a utility pole. He was not sentenced to any jail time, but was fined $1000 and allegedly had to have ignition interlocks installed in all of his vehicles.

This incident sparked outrage in the UFC community. In 2016, he returned to the octagon to fight for the interim title. He won the fight easily, but just days away from his very next fight, he tested positive for using performance enhancing drugs and he was again stripped of his title and suspended.

He fought Cormier again in 2017 for the title. This time, Jones dominated Cormier and knocked him out. However, after the fight, Jones again tested positive for using performance enhancing drugs, and he was again stripped of his title and suspended.

Since then, Jones, the UFC, and various people in the drug-testing community, have cleared his name. Jones has tested clean since then and continues to dominate the UFC. 

What is Jon Jones net worth?

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While at his peak, Jones had a Nike sponsorship. Nike dropped him after his DUI incident. Regardless, Jones is still a well-known and talented fighter, and many people pay to watch him fight.

Currently, Jones is one of the top-paid UFC fighters, having earned at least $5 million by 2019. And Jones, despite a few bumps in the road, has many sponsors and endorsement deals. All in all, Jones has an estimated net worth of $10 million. A net worth that Jones has literally fought for.