How Much Is Justin Gaethje Worth?

There are many exciting fighters in the UFC, but few put on a show like Justin Gaethje. In his short time in the organization, the 32-year-old has not only racked up multiple high-level wins, but he almost always does it in fashion. Here’s a look at how much Justin Gaethje is worth. 

Justin Gaethje before the UFC

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Like many of the best fighters in the UFC, Gaethje got his start in wrestling. He wrestled in college, and he was an elite wrestler. That said, after he started making his transition into MMA, he rarely showed off his wrestling skills. Instead, he often chose to swing for the fences and try to knock his opponents out. 

For the most part, it worked. He debuted in the World Series of Fighting, or WSOF, in 2013, and he became the first lightweight champ in WSOF. By 2016, Gaethje had an undefeated record of 17-0, and he almost always won by knocking his opponents out. Although the WSOF wasn’t a well-known organization, his record spoke for itself, and in 2017, he finally joined the UFC. 

Justin Gaethje’s exciting UFC run

His first fight in the UFC was against Michael Johnson, who was one of the best strikers in the division. Since both men wanted to knock each other, this fight turned into a slugfest, and Gaethje ultimately came out on top. Not only that, but because this fight was so exciting, Gaethje was given both a Performance of the Night award and a Fight of the Night award. Each award is worth $50,000, and Gaethje will only get more. 

The UFC wanted to see how good Gaethje really was, so for his next fight, he fought the former champ, Eddie Alvarez. Once again, this fight was a slugfest, but this time, Alvarez was able to get the win. For his next fight, the UFC paired Gaethje up with Dustin Poirier, and once again, after another epic slugfest, Gaethje was knocked out and Poirier got the win.

Regardless, after both of these bouts, Gaethje was awarded with a Fight of the Night award. Gaethje’s next three fights went better for him. He didn’t slow down, and he continued to fight high-skilled opponents. First, he knocked out James Vick, then he knocked out Edson Barboza, and then he knocked out Donald Cerrone. Gaethje received performance awards for all three of these fights. 

However, Gaethje’s best fight so far has to be his title fight against Tony Ferguson. Although Ferguson had been extremely dominant in his last dozen or so fights, Gaethje dominated Ferguson in their fight. After five rounds, Gaethje knocked Ferguson out. With this win, Gaethje got an interim title as well as a title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. And of course, Gaethje received a few bonuses after this fight, too.

Justin Gaethje’s net worth

UFC fighter Justin Gaethje
Justin Gaethje battles Khabib Nurmagomedov | Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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Gaethje’s fight against Nurmagomedov at UFC 254 was definitely his biggest fight so far. And his net worth only grew. While he was the underdog, his elite wrestling skills made him a good match for Nurmagomedov. He lost, but this fight was an exciting one regardless.

Those bonuses add up. Since he’s won nine bonuses, that means he’s earned an additional $450,000 from his seven UFC fights. On top of that, like Essentially Sports wrote, when he fought Ferguson, he was paid $480,000 for the bout. Overall, Gaethje has an estimated net worth of about $2 million. 

That said, that number doesn’t include sponsorships and any hidden bonuses, according to Essentially Sports. But, since he’s only 32 years old, his net worth will probably continue to grow.