How Much Is Tony Stewart Worth?

Tony Stewart was one of NASCAR’s most successful drivers during his storied career. But Stewart’s success has extended beyond the racetrack as one of the top NASCAR drivers.

He’s been quite a successful businessman off of it. While one may wonder where a successful race car driver would find the time, Stewart has managed to build himself quite a business empire with his racing career serving as the foundation for it. 

Tony Stewart’s career overview

Stewart retired from NASCAR in 2016, but not before amassing an impressive run at the top of the sport. During his career, he won three NASCAR Cup titles. He’s one of only 15 drivers to win multiple Cups and the ninth driver to win more than three of them. He also won an Indy Cup title, making him the only driver to win both. 

Some of the major races Stewart has won include: 

  • Two-time winner of the Brickyard 400 
  • Seven-time winner of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at the Daytona International Speedway
  • Two-time winner of the Chili Bowl all-star race at the Tulsa Expo Raceway 

Stewart’s ability on the track has enabled him to qualify for multiple Halls of Fame, including: 

  • The NASCAR Hall of Fame (2020)
  • The National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) Hall of Fame (2020)
  • The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (2019)
  • The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame (2019)
  • The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame (2018)
  • The USAC Hall of Fame (2016)

Business life 

Along with being a great racer, Stewart has also been one of the most financially successful drivers off the track as well. Stewart left Gibbs Racing in 2008 to form his own team of which he was the co-owner: Stewart-Haas Racing.

He won the 2009 NASCAR Cup as a driver-owner, the only driver-owner to do so in 30 years. Stewart has a long career as an owner established well-before becoming one in NASCAR, owning teams on other circuits. He founded Tony Stewart Racing in 2000 and has won 26 championships across other racing car series. 

An piece referred to Stewart as a “serial entrepreneur. The key to his success, according to Stewart? Surrounding himself with smart businessmen that he can trust: 

“But there are two major advantages I also have going for me: Eddie Jarvis, my business manager, and [Stewart-Haas racing president] Brett Frood…Eddie and Brett and I make up three sides of a triangle.

Say someone has an opportunity they think is right for us. Brett looks at it from the business side. I consider the financial investment. Eddie considers whether it’s right for our brand. Of course those roles overlap as well, but that triangle lets us look at every opportunity from three different perspectives.”

He also started a charitable foundation in 2003 called the Tony Stewart Foundation to help chronically ill and physically disabled children. 

How much is Tony Stewart worth? 

Reportedly, Stewart earned over $128 million over 743 races during his career. Estimates put Stewart’s net worth at around $70 million. His own career, as well as his ownership of the Stewart-Haas team, is where he’s built much of his fortune.

He also has added multiple lucrative endorsement deals over the course of his career, with high profile brands such as Coca-Cola and Bass Pro Shops.

Stewart is an inspiring story for many athletes. He was able to apply his skill as a driver to help propel him to success. Then he also leveraged his knowledge of the sport to become an owner and take his success to the next level