How Much Money Did Reggie Bush Make in the NFL?

Reggie Bush was a highly-rated running back coming out of college. He had an impressive career at USC, and people believed that he would go on to have a successful NFL career.

Bush made a good amount of money during his time as a professional athlete. He spent 11 seasons in the league and did have his fair share of success in the NFL.

Reggie Bush’s NFL career

The New Orleans Saints selected Bush with the No.2 pick in the 2006 NFL draft. The Saints were excited to have a player like Bush and knew his playmaking abilities would help toward the team’s success. In his rookie season, his production was up and down. He finished rushing for 565 yards and six touchdowns. Bush had success has a receiver in his first season. He had 88 receptions for 742 yards and two touchdowns.

Bush spent five seasons with the Saints, and he continued to contribute as a running back and receiver. He was plagued with injuries throughout his time in New Orleans but continued to have an impact on the team. During the 2008 season, he was named first-team All-Pro as a punt returner. That season he only played in 10 games due to injury. As a punt returner, he had 270 yards and three touchdowns.

Bush could play multiple positions for the Saints. In 2009 he helped the Saints reach the Super Bowl, and they defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. That was the team’s first Super Bowl title in franchise history. After winning the Super Bowl, Bush would spend two more seasons with the Saints.

After his career in New Orleans, Bush bounced around playing for multiple teams. He spent two seasons with the Miami Dolphins, and in his first season with Miami, he had the most rushing yards in his career. He finished the 2011 season rushing for 1,086 yards with six touchdowns. That was the first time in his career that he surpassed 1,000 rushing yards.

Final four seasons in the league

In his last four seasons in the league, Bush played for three different teams. He played two seasons with the Detroit Lions and one season with the San Francisco 49ers and the Buffalo Bills.

With the Lions, Bush had a productive season in his first stint with the team. During the 2013 season, Bush surpassed 1,000 yards rushing for the second time in his career. He finished with 1,006 rushing yards on 223 attempts with four touchdowns.

After his short time in Detroit, Bush saw his production decrease playing in San Francisco due to a season-ending tear of his left meniscus. He would only play in five games during the 2015 season. In his final season with the Bills, Bush only rushed for one touchdown and finished with -3 yards rushing on the season. Bush finished his career with 9,882 total yards and 58 total touchdowns.

How much did Bush make playing football?

Though he did not have a long career in the NFL, Bush made a good amount of money. In his 11-year NFL career, Bush made over $63 million. That is with signing bonuses and incentives. The most he made in a single season was his second year with the Saints. He made $13,675,000 that season.

Bush certainly would have made more money if he played for a longer amount of time. Injuries prevented him from being the dominant player that he was in college. When he announced his retirement in 2017, a lot of fans wondered what he would do after football.

Since stepping away from the game as a player, Bush has made a career in front of the camera as a broadcaster. With his experience and knowledge on the game of football, Bush had no problem adjusting to the broadcast life.