How Much Was Kimbo Slice Worth at the Time He Died?

Kimbo Slice is a legend among UFC fans. He may not have been a champion in his life, but still, he left a lasting legacy in the combat sports world. Here’s a look at Kimbo Slice, his life, his legacy, and his net worth. 

Kimbo Slice becomes a backyard brawling legend

According to LiveAbout, Slice moved to Florida at a young age and there, as a teenager, it became obvious that he was athletically talented. Slice played football in high school, and he even got an athletic scholarship to the University of Miami.

After dropping out of college though, Slice tried out for the Miami Dolphins. He made it onto their pre-season squad, but unfortunately, his football career ended there.

After his deflated football career, Slice began using his size and strength for other jobs. He was a bouncer and a bodyguard before he started making backyard brawling videos.

Slice was not only a dominant fighter who only had one recorded loss at the time, but he was also an up and coming promoter, too. It was in these backyard boxing videos that Slice introduced the world to Jorge Masvidal, who was only 19 years old at the time.

In any case, these videos were very popular and soon, so was Slice. In fact, these videos were how he got his nickname, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Kimbo has always been his nickname and, in his first backyard boxing fight, he caused a huge slice in his opponent’s eye. That’s how he became known as Kimbo Slice. In any case, many fans wanted to see how he’d do against real competition, and so, he started his professional fighting career. 

Kimbo Slice’s early professional career

LiveAbout says that, in 2007, Slice joined EliteXC, a new MMA organization that wanted to make a name for itself. Slice was its biggest star, and many people tuned in to watch Slice fight.

Slice did pretty well considering the fact that many people didn’t expect him to win against real MMA fighters. In 2008, Slice knocked out two MMA legends, Tank Abbott and James Thompson. That said, things would soon come crashing down for his MMA career.

In late 2008, Slice was supposed to fight another MMA legend, Ken Shamrock, but Shamrock got injured, according to LiveAbout. As such, Seth Petruzelli was brought in as a replacement. Nobody really knew Petruzelli, and most people expected an easy win for Slice. That didn’t happen, and Slice got knocked out in 14 seconds of the very first round.

According to LiveAbout, this caused EliteXC to collapse as a company. Soon, Slice joined the UFC, but he’d also disappoint there. Slice beat Houston Alexander in a very boring fight and then he got knocked out by Matt Mitrione in his next fight. Slice was released from the UFC and that’s when he started his boxing career. 

Later career and net worth at his death

His boxing career was more successful, but mostly because he only fought low-skilled fighters. Slice’s record in boxing was 7-0, but soon, he joined Bellator for another shot at MMA. Slice finally got to fight Shamrock, and Slice knocked Shamrock out.

But then, in the last fight in Slice’s career, Slice fought Dada 5000. This was arguably one the worst fights of all time since both men were too exhausted to actually fight each other. A few months after his fight with Dada 5000, Slice died of a heart attack at the age of 42.

By the time that he died, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he was worth about $500,000. While that’s not a lot of money for an athlete, Slice’s legacy lives on through his son, Kevin Ferguson, who’s currently fighting for Bellator