How Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Prepared Him for Super Bowl Greatness

It has been just over a week since the Kansas City Chiefs snapped a half-century Super Bowl drought after topping the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54. It was an incredible game that needed a fourth-quarterback comeback for the Chiefs to pull out the win on the grandest stage. It was an effort that was fueled by star Patrick Mahomes‘ play that helped his team overcome a 10-point deficit. That was an impressive performance at that moment that saw Mahomes fueled by something his father had always told him growing up.

Patrick Mahomes guides Chiefs to Super Bowl 54 win

Through the first three quarters of Super Bowl 54, the 49ers had grabbed control of the contest. They had effectively contained Mahomes and the Chiefs’ explosive offense holding them to 10 points while holding a 10-point lead with just over nine minutes in regulation.

However, things changed drastically from that point on as Mahomes helped orchestrate three straight touchdown scoring drives. The first two were capped off by a pair of touchdown passes on lengthy possessions. The final one sealed the deal with a 38-yard run by running back Damien Williams with just over two minutes left in the quarter.

It wasn’t the cleanest performance from Mahomes by any means, but he finished with 286 passing yards with three total touchdowns earning him the Super Bowl MVP award. That helped him become the youngest player in NFL history to have won an MVP award and a Super Bowl.

The Chiefs’ late-game comeback was one that was fueled by one childhood message that Mahomes received from his father.

Patrick Mahomes’ dad’s inspirational message

The Chiefs had been backed into a tough situation being down 10 points with just over nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. However, Mahomes stepped up in the crucial moment guiding his team with a career-defining comeback.

It was a performance that was fueled by an inspirational message and mindset that he learned from his father, Patrick Mahomes, throughout his childhood, according to Peter King of NBC Sports.

There was something else, something that came in handy in Super Bowl 54.

Pat Mahomes said: “I’d tell Patrick, ‘It’s always about the next play. It’s always about the next pitch.’ Forget what you’ve done. What are you gonna do next?”

One day earlier, I had asked Patrick Mahomes why the weight of the game, when he was in big trouble midway through the fourth quarter, did not get to him.

“All that matters is the next play,” he said.

Mahomes had the unique opportunity to be the son of a professional athlete as he father was a former MLB pitcher that played for several teams over an 11-year career. That gave him a chance to experience and learn what it took to reach the highest level of a sport.

That major-league pitcher mentality that he learned from his father helped him excel in that moment as an NFL quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes’ bright future ahead

That mentality has been a crucial part in shaping the type of player that Mahomes has become quite early in his NFL career.

It was quite evident in the 2019 season as he helped guide the Chiefs to wins in each of the five instances where they trailed by double digits. This included setting the NFL playoff record with three double-digit comeback wins in a single postseason.

Despite just being 24 years old, Mahomes has already made his mark on the league as being arguably the best quarterback. He has a chance to further cement his legacy with an opportunity to potentially be the face of the league for years to come.

There is a tremendously bright future ahead of Mahomes, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg of the type of success he will have in his NFL career.