How Patrick Mahomes Isn’t Letting the Coronavirus Shutdown Stop Him

In the last several weeks, there’s been ramped up concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus that continues to impact an increasing number of people. That has led to the United States gearing toward a “Stay at Home” policy to help slow down the spread of the virus around the nation. It has also created a tough situation for many professional athletes with their respective sports significantly impacted by the concerning situation in the United States. With that in mind, Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is finding an alternative way to prepare for the 2020 season.

NFL shuts down training facilities

Throughout this ongoing process, the NFL had been the one major sport in the United States to continue to operate while other leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS have all suspended their respective seasons.

The NFL is amid their offseason, which allowed them to operate through free agency without much of a hitch. However, that has changed with free agency beginning to wind down as league commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo out to each team that their training facilities must be shut down.

That has put a massive roadblock for any players or teams looking to hold organized workouts during this time in the offseason. The NFL did also voice that these shutdowns due to the coronavirus shouldn’t halt them from working on their planned offseason activities.

With that in mind, the Chiefs star quarterback has quickly taken that to heart by making sure he stays in shape differently.

Patrick Mahomes’ alternative plan

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The reigning Super Bowl MVP, like the rest of his peers, has seen his profession heavily impacted by the ongoing situation concerning the coronavirus.

With the NFL shutting down the practice facilities, that has forced Mahomes to look for alternative ways to continue to train and workout. According to Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star, his trainer, Bobby Stroupe, has organized workouts for the star quarterback through an app to which he instructs and watches him through Facetime or Zoom.

“A lot of the things he’s gotta do right now is body weight,” Stroupe said. “Patrick always trains as an athlete first and a quarterback second. There are a lot of things he incorporates and advances with his body, just like you’d do with a wide receiver. But then there’s about 10-15% that he’d do directly with myself or another member of my team that’s specifically related to his shoulder girdle or other things we know he needs specifically for him. But he’s still doing all of those things.”

Mahomes has been quite public with his continued workouts with a few posts via Instagram of him personally training. It’s a difficult time, but it has forced players to operate similarly to what the 24-year-old is doing to stay in shape.

At this point, there is no clarity if this situation will delay the start of the 2020 season, but until that occurs, it requires the players to stay in shape. It’s something that Mahomes and his peers will have to continue to keep an eye on but remain dedicated to keeping their workout routines as normal as possible.

Will the virus delay the 2020 season?

At this point, there is no indication about whether the current situation will impede the start of the 2020 season.

Unlike the other professional sports leagues, the NFL’s regular season doesn’t start until September. That said, there are aspects of the offseason that are important for them to get ready for the campaign, such as organized offseason workouts, training camp, and the preseason.

If any of those areas are canceled or pushed back, it could have a dramatic impact on the status of the 2020 season. Until then, the NFL will have the operate with precaution assessing whether moving forward with the 2020 season as planned is the right move.