How Seton Hall’s Myles Powell Could be the Sleeper Star in the 2020 NBA Draft

With the NCAA Tournament quickly approaching, NBA scouts and executives will have their eyes on a handful of players. One player that will have eyes on him is senior guard Myles Powell.

Powell has become the leader at Seton Hall and has blossomed into one of the best players in college over the past few years. This will be his last hoorah to lead his team to a deep run in the tournament.

At the conclusion of the season, Powell will get ready to start the process of becoming a NBA player. Where he lands in the draft is up in the air. The question is do the NBA teams feel like he has enough to be a first-rounder?

Myles Powell’s career at Seton Hall

Powell’s career at Seton Hall will be one to remember. He was considering entering for the draft after his junior year, but some NBA executives told him he needed to improve on his overall game.

Powell had a big year as a junior. He averaged 23.1 ppg, which was the eighth-highest scoring average in school history. He also made 107 threes, which set a program single-season record.

In 2018 he was the Big East Most Improved Player of the Year after averaging 15.5 ppg as a sophomore. Watching Powell play, you will see that he knows how to score and also get his teammates involved.

He has been a scorer ever since he stepped on Seton Hall’s campus. During his freshman year he led the team in 3-pointers made with 68.

When it’s all said and done, Powell will go down as one of the best to put on a Seton Hall jersey.

The go to man at Seton Hall

Myles Powell has become the leader on Seton Hall. What makes him so unique is his ability to score no matter where he is on the court.

When the team needs a basket, there’s no question who they go to, especially in crunch time. Powell is that player who wants the ball in his hands with five seconds left, with a tie game.

Powell does an excellent job of coming off screens and getting in a good position to get his shot off.

You take Powell off this Seton Hall team, and you wonder where the bulk of their scoring would come from.

How Myles Powell can be a steal in the draft.

There are NBA teams who can use a player like Myles Powell. If he lands in the right spot and gets the proper training he needs, he can develop into a useful NBA guard.

Powell already has that scoring ability, and when he gets into the league, he will improve in that area. A team who lacks scoring in the guard position will undoubtedly keep an eye on Powell.

In recent mock drafts, Powell has landed as an early second-round pick. If that holds true and no team takes him in the first round, that will be a steal for whoever takes him in the second round.

Here you have a player who knows what it takes to win and put in the work to become a better athlete and teammate.