How Tall Is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-renowned soccer player. While athletes like LeBron James and Tom Brady may have more name recognition in America, Ronaldo is one of the wealthiest and most globally famous athletes in the world. Part of his job is keeping his body in tip-top shape to stay in peak physical condition at all times. 

This often leaves his fans wondering many things about the star soccer player. One question many have: How tall is Ronaldo? Read on to learn more about the 36-year-old’s height, amazing vertical jumping ability, and whether height even matters in soccer. 

How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo? 

First, a breakdown of how tall Ronaldo is. According to Heightpedia, he’s nearly 6 feet, 2 inches tall, standing at 6′ 1.62″ inches to be exact. In total inches, he’s 73.62 inches tall; in terms of meters, he’s 1.87 meters tall. 

Where does this put him in relation to most players? Top End Sports compared the physical sizes of the players at the 2018 World Cup. While Ronaldo fell well short of being the tallest player — that honor went to 6 feet, 7 inches Croatian goalie Lovre Kalinić — he was taller than the average height of 6’0. 

Of course, height on its own won’t get you anything. You need to have the athletic ability to go with it. For soccer players, height is helpful when attempting headers. This means they need to possess a better-than-average vertical leap. Ronaldo definitely has that skill covered. 

Ronaldo has an extraordinary vertical leap

Cristiano Ronaldo in action with the ball during the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Round of 16 match
Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in 2020 | Vincent Van Doornick/Isosport/MB Media/Getty Images

It seems like Ronaldo can do anything on the pitch. This includes being an expert at headers. In one case, Ronaldo showed his almost otherworldly ability to jump higher than anyone else. 

According to The Football Overs, Ronaldo’s best leap took place during a Serie A match between Sampdoria and Ronaldo’s club, Juventus. Ronaldo scored a goal on a header where he jumped a jaw-dropping 2.56 meters in the air before heading it in for a goal. This gave him a vertical leap of a whopping 28 inches (or 71 centimeters). 

So, while everyone knows Ronaldo is a phenomenal soccer player and that he’s a bit taller than the average player, this still leaves one outstanding question: Is height even an important part of the sport? 

Does height matter in soccer?

Sports Rec attempted to identify the “ideal build” for a soccer player. In terms of height, they said great players often vary. Excellent players have ranged anywhere from being on the shorter side (5’6″) to taller (6’2″). 

Ronaldo is closer to the taller side, but not so tall that his excess height would interfere with his ability to play well or be nimble. Height certainly helps soccer players until they get so big that they have a harder time being quick. Despite their athleticism, it’s tough to imagine taller basketball players like Anthony Davis or Luka Doncic being as dominant as Ronaldo on the soccer field due to their height. 

Height doesn’t matter all that much in soccer, as the game is played on the ground for the most part. Players often need to have solid jumping ability, which Ronaldo clearly does. But height itself isn’t necessarily a prerequisite. 

What matters more is a soccer player’s weight. Soccer players are often lean, which makes sense. After all, they spent the majority of the game running, so they need to have solid conditioning habits. Ronaldo is certainly in great shape physically.  

The truth is that if you designed the ideal soccer player from scratch, you’d likely end up with someone resembling Ronaldo, both from a height and weight perspective. 

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