How Tall Is Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors Point Guard?

The Golden State Warriors have succeeded in becoming a force to reckon with in the NBA. They have easily switched from villains to favorites because they do not easily give up or give in to pressure. For five years, they’ve proven to be among the best teams in the NBA with a good collection of talent like Stephen Curry.

Originally named Wardell Stephen Curry II, Stephen Curry’s urge to play basketball began at a very young age of 3. Throughout his career, Curry has been considered undersized. How tall is he and how did he overcome this?

The Curry family

Stephen Curry grew up in a family where both parents were professional athletes. His father, Dell Curry, is a former NBA player who played for five different professional teams for over 15 years. And, his mother Sonya and sister Sydell were also highly ranked in their college volleyball throughout their collegiate years.

To add even more, Steph Curry’s younger brother Seth Curry is currently playing in the NBA. This is truly a beautiful family to grow in! But that’s not what we’re here to check out. So quickly, let’s dive into his statistics, starting with his height. 

How tall is Stephen Curry?

Most basketball players are born tall, others attain that desired height later on in their lives. Stephen Curry is neither of those. Many of Curry’s fans won’t believe that Curry is only 6-foot-3. This makes him about a foot shorter than former NBA finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal.

Curry was not tall, nor was he built either. He was a 5-foot-6, underweight youngster who wished to pursue a career in basketball. But he wasn’t going to gain the recognition of the big guns, even with his 20 points per game high school average.

Therefore, his dad decided to assist him in reaching the levels he longed for by training him to improve his shot, and luckily enough, he made a name out of it years later. His father even went ahead to ESPN and spoke about the phenomenon.

The NBA is a tough crowd to impress, and many still describe Steph Curry as “small,” but he has transformed their doubt into awe. His relatively average height can be added advantage. He has helped the Golden State Warriors win NBA championships and collected a few MVP trophies for himself.

Stephen Curry is stronger than he looks

Steph Curry weighs 190 pounds, but his lanky body should not make you think twice, he is actually stronger than what people think. He can deadlift 400 pounds, and even Keke Lyles, a professional in injury prevention, and maximizing body potential goes on and comments that Stephen is the second strongest player in their team.

Curry continues to prove that maximizing potential works better than body statistics when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. He prefers to keep his body weight at 190 pounds, and his workout routine focuses on stability and controlling his score strength.

Stephen Curry becomes the first NBA Player elected as the MVP by a unanimous vote

Many know Stephen Curry as the best shooter in the history of the NBA. He became the MVP in the 2014-15 season. Then, in the 2015-2016 season, he broke NBA’s history by becoming the first NBA player elected as the MVP by a unanimous vote. That’s an impressive portfolio.

His three-point skill

Stephen Curry has undoubtedly set a legacy by changing the way we think about scoring in basketball. Today, people compare him to Michael Jordan. They refer to him as ‘the Jordan of the three-point era.’ Michael Jordan’s dunk is now what Stephen’s three-point skill is. He is definitely a player that any NBA fan should watch and respect.