How the Astros’ Apology for the Sign-Stealing Cheating Scandal Fell Short

Since the MLB cracked down on the Houston Astros for their actions involving illegally stealing signs with the use of technology, the team has had several weeks to get their response together. The Astros have remained quiet for much of that time, leading up to players reporting to spring training this week. Houston finally broke their silence, and the apologies from many of the players fell short in a disappointing fashion. It has created a great sense of insincerity with their remorsefulness concerning their actions.

Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve’s subpar apologies

For the first time since their initial brief comments following the MLB handing out their punishment for the Astros‘ actions, the team discussed the matter on Thursday morning.

It provided them the chance to show their genuine remorse and guilt for their actions. Instead, the team struggled even to prove that they were genuinely sorry for the cheating scandal that altered so many careers and the team’s futures in the time that has passed.

That saw both Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve put forth quite brief statements that voiced their apologies for their actions as they both felt insincere. However, these comments fell well short of the mark of being how they truly felt. Bregman read off a written statement, which alone made the tone and affliction from his voice and attitude appear to be anything less than real emotions.

Meanwhile, Altuve’s comments were simply blanketing over the entire matter that didn’t give off the vibe that he was entirely remorseful for his and his teammates’ actions. In other words, there wasn’t any true conviction behind their words that only further brought a sense of pretentiousness.

Jim Crane’s head-scratching comments

The Astros‘ sign-stealing cheating scandal has impacted the franchise all the way through, which has led to team owner Jim Crane to have to address the situation.

However, Crane was also apart of the porous apologies and explanations that were given on Thursday. That saw him state that he didn’t agree with the statements that the New York Yankees made by saying that his team’s actions didn’t impact the game. These comments alone show the incompetence and outright neglect of the facts.

The Astros had an unfair advantage on the field, which gave them the upper hand in a matter of seconds of each pitch. Crane’s comments have rubbed off the wrong way for many already and will continue to anger many others around the league. It shows a great deal of insincerity towards their actions and the internal belief that his team is only apologizing because they got caught.

Crane’s comments do a great disservice to the game of baseball, the other teams in the league, and the fans most importantly.

Astros’ apologies missed the mark entirely

Although it wasn’t entirely discouraging as Carlos Correa’s comments sounded the most genuine from his team, it’s hard to take away the Astros are genuinely remorseful for their actions.

Instead of taking a step forward, many of the statements from the players and ownership further stained their reputation. Yes, the MLB fell short of giving the type of punishment that was warranted for these atrocious actions, but Houston’s apology for what they didn’t remotely hit the mark.

It was a response that seemed like it more forced upon them, then truly coming from the heart. The Astros cheated and were caught, which is precisely how their comments sounded. That said, it’s not a situation they can’t learn from and further work their way back into better graces with the league and the many fans over a long period.

At the same time, it’s a situation that will always stick with them, and their response was something that could have been handled much more appropriately.