How Tom Brady Has Altered the Chargers’ Future Plans

The writing was on the wall for the Los Angeles Chargers that a change at the quarterback position was coming this offseason. The Chargers parted ways with longtime starter Philip Rivers with the hopes of potentially securing the services of Tom Brady. However, the situation didn’t work out in their favor, with Brady deciding to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It has pushed Los Angeles into another direction with how they will move forward with their quarterback situation ahead of the 2020 season.

Tom Brady bypasses Chargers in free agency

The speculation around the Chargers over the last few months was that they would make a hard push to sign Brady if he elected to test free agency.

The 42-year-old went that route, which followed with Los Angeles putting all the eggs in the basket to land him. However, it was the Buccaneers that wound up on top in the situation with them best meeting the criteria that Brady had laid out.

Numerous reports are suggesting that he factored in his family heavily into the decision more so than any potential team’s roster or offensive scheme. Tampa Bay had the advantage of remaining on the east coast closer to his son from a previous relationship, who is currently living in the New York area.

The Chargers had committed themselves financially to offering Brady the fully guaranteed two-year, $60 million deal, but it came down to logistics not working out in their favor.

Chargers’ QB plans after Tom Brady’s decision

The Chargers’ all-out effort to land Brady came up short, which has shifted their plans moving forward at the quarterback position.

There a few options out in free agency and the trade market, but it appears the team is set on going with their in-house option with Tyrod Taylor, potentially moving forward as the starter. Taylor had inked a two-year, $11 million deal last year with the Chargers to be the backup to Rivers.

Taylor is in the final year of his deal and is an experienced quarterback that previously started for the Buffalo Bills. During his tenure with the franchise, he helped guide the Bills to a playoff appearance while proving to be a viable asset with both his arm and legs.

The 30-year-old will have a shot to at least compete for the starting job for the 2020 season regardless of what additional quarterbacks that they bring in this offseason.

Chargers other QB options

The Chargers appear to be set on rolling forward with Taylor under center for the 2020 season, which would allow them to use an experienced quarterback that is already comfortable with their offensive system.

However, Los Angeles does have options at the position in front of them this offseason. The most reasonable and likely one is through the draft, as they currently hold the sixth overall pick. That could be a spot where they could either move up a tad to snag the likes of Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, or possibly Jordan Love.

The Chargers could groom their next franchise quarterback while Taylor handles the starter duties for at least the 2020 season. Meanwhile, Los Angeles could explore the trade market with star quarterback Cam Newton readily available for the Carolina Panthers.

Newton could be a great option for both the short-term and long-term future. If they acquire him through a trade, he’s in the final year of his deal, and the team could cut ties with him after the 2020 season without much of a financial burden. There is also the chance that he works out well as a secure fit for the offense and proves he still has plenty left in the tank.

Los Angeles may not have any reported interest in acquiring Newton, but that option is certainly out there. Nonetheless, the Chargers still have options available to them.