How Vince McMahon’s Absent Father Inspired His WWE Career

Vince McMahon is not only the chairman of the WWE, but sometimes he even gets involved in the wrestling matches himself. Nowadays, McMahon is well-known for being the rich businessman who’s in charge of the WWE and the XFL, but he wasn’t born rich. Here’s the story of how Vince McMahon’s absent father helped him start his WWE career. 

A rough childhood

As Pro Wrestling Stories wrote, McMahon didn’t grow up with his biological father, who’s also called Vince McMahon. The senior McMahon left the wife of his kids with his oldest son, Rod McMahon, soon after the junior McMahon was born.

The senior McMahon’s father was a boxing promoter, and so, he became a wrestling promoter. McMahon Sr. promoted a wrestling organization called Capitol Wrestling Corporation, or CWC, and this would later become the WWE.

So, for most of the junior McMahon’s childhood, he grew up with his mom and her boyfriends and husbands. As The Ringer said, McMahon Jr. hated many of his stepfathers, as some of them were physically abusive.

On top of that, McMahon Jr. didn’t live in the most ideal conditions. He moved around a lot, and when he wasn’t living in a trailer park, he was living in a house that had no basic utilities like plumbing. 

When Vince McMahon finally met his dad

At the age of 12, according to Pro Wrestling Stories, McMahon Jr. finally met his father. And, like McMahon Jr. said, he fell in love with his dad immediately after meeting him. That said, the years of being an absent father had changed their relationship forever.

According to Pro Wrestling Stories, McMahon Jr. said that, after meeting his dad for the first time, “We got very, very close, but we both knew we could never go back.” 

Still, one thing that the two McMahons had in common was wrestling. McMahon Jr. was a big wrestling fan, while his father wasn’t actually that keen on his son joining him in the wrestling business. As McMahon Jr. said, his dad told him to, “Get a government job, so you can have a pension.” 

McMahon Jr. tried his hand at various odd jobs, but he didn’t love any of them. He loved wrestling, and he wanted to join his dad’s line of work. McMahon Jr. soon got the chance to do exactly that. 

How Vince McMahon got started in wrestling

As Pro Wrestling Stories said, McMahon Jr. kept asking his dad for a job in the CWC and eventually, after one of his dad’s promoters got fired, McMahon Sr. sent the junior McMahon to Bangor, Maine, to run the promotion.

It didn’t take long before McMahon Jr. got into the groove of things and became a world-class promoter. Indeed, as Pro Wrestling Stories said, he helped expand the CWC’s territory almost immediately after he got the job.

By the ’70s, McMahon Jr. helped throw together the infamously terrible fight between the Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki, and Muhammad Ali. While this was a popular fight, it wasn’t well-received. Regardless, not long after this event, McMahon Sr. died, and McMahon Jr. took over the company. 

McMahon then began an aggressive campaign to expand the CWC, which had been renamed the WWF, across America. Back then, as The Ringer said, wrestling was promoted by many different small organizations. There wasn’t a single, giant wrestling organization like the WWE. But McMahon bought out many competitors and ultimately created the WWE that everyone knows of today. 

This fighting spirit was ultimately why McMahon has tried once in the past, and is trying again today, to compete with the NFL through the XFL. Whether or not he succeeds, time will tell.