Hue Jackson Believes 1 NFL Team Is a Good Fit For Colin Kaepernick

The dialogue around Colin Kaepernick’s NFL’s future picked up once again after he went through a workout this past weekend. There has yet to be any movement towards teams scheduling a workout with Kaepernick over the past few days. However, it does bring up the question of where he would fit best if he were to get a chance to return to the league. With that in mind, former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson has voiced that there is one team that could suit him best as the ideal landing spot.

Colin Kaepernick’s workout

Last week, reports that the NFL had set up a combine-type workout for Kaepernick on Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, where numerous teams in the league would be in attendance.

It was quite a rare situation given that this marked the first time that the NFL had scheduled a session for any player. However, things changed less than an hour before the NFL workout was supposed to take place as Kaepernick decided to move the location at Charles R. Drew High School just a few hours away.

Several teams were able to make the trip over to have representatives in attendance at the event. There has been much to come out since then as it was revealed that the NFL had put in place a waiver for Kaepernick to sign to do the workout that stated he could not file any additional legal action against the league.

Nonetheless, Kaepernick demonstrated through his own set-up event that he has the ability and talent to still play in the NFL behind the numerous throws he made, such as several deep-ball throws with ease down the field. It has put the ball in the NFL and its teams’ hands to pursue him.

Hue Jackson pinpoints one team for Colin Kaepernick

Despite being three years removed from the NFL, Kaepernick has shown that he’s still in strong physical shape and can still make the necessary throws at the position.

He may not have gone through the NFL workout, but it’s clear that he has the talent that belongs on a 52-man roster. During a recent interview with Kristine Leahy on FS1’s Fair Game, Jackson voiced that he believes the Pittsburgh Steelers fit the bill as a good fit for the 32-year-old.

Jackson’s choice of the Steelers was due to the organizational structure that the team has with their front office, head coach, and environment for Kaepernick. Pittsburgh has a proven head coach in Mike Tomlin, who has worked through various situations during his stint with the franchise.

The assumption on Jackson’s part is that he believes that Tomlin and the Steelers could handle the perceived “distractions” that would come with bringing in Kaepernick. There hasn’t been any traction on that front, but it does show that football minds do believe that he belongs in the league.

Still no movement for Colin Kaepernick

There may be teams out there that are believed to be potential fits for Kaepernick, but there hasn’t been any movement on the front towards any organization looking to bring him in.

There are plenty of teams that have long-term answers at the quarterback position, but there remain others that are still looking for a viable solution at the spot. That isn’t to say that Kaepernick will immediately fit right in as their starter, but there franchises that could take a flyer on seeing what he can bring to the table at this point.

It’s quite clear that he has every intention of continuing his NFL career, but the focus has continued to shift away from the football field and away from his talent. Until teams can change that aspect, things will stay the same for Kaepernick in his quest to make a comeback.