If Jerry Jones Does This, Then Cowboys Fans Should Really Start to Panic

The Dallas Cowboys live and die by Jerry Jones in ways most franchises don’t dream of. The fiery owner for the last 30 years saw them through the initial success into the late ’90s, but he’s also seen them through the two decades of mediocrity. As the Cowboys face another throwaway year, many worry that he’ll overreact in ways that ruin the team for years to come. 

The Jerry Jones problem 

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks with CeeDee Lamb before a game
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks with CeeDee Lamb | Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Jones has been nothing, if not persistent. From the firing of longtime coach Tom Landry to the highs and lows that happened in between, Jones is not afraid to be the main villain in his own story. Jones gets blamed for the Cowboys’ faults, reports Pro Football Talk. But he also gets the praise when they’re good. 

Despite his age, Jones shows no sign of stepping away from his self-imposed title as general manager. Despite all the calls from fans to do so, he wants to be the face of his organization.

“I’ve always thought that when you cut out the person between the decision-maker and the people doing the recommending, then you can make quicker, more succinct, and more responsive decisions,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan per NBC Sports.

Looking back at his first days as an owner, Jones claims he’s never changed his motivations as an owner. He said, “The very first press conference I was ever involved in I explained to everybody how I was going to run the Dallas Cowboys since I owned them … I said that I would be involved in everything from this to socks and jocks, and I’m not trying to be cute.” This is true, but it’s also frustrating for the fans. 

The Cowboys’ season

The Cowboys had a lot to be happy about coming into the season. They secured Ezekiel Elliott before the 2019 season. And the team hoped Dak Prescott’s year as a franchise-tagged player may motivate him to outperform even his best seasons. Although Prescott played like a superstar before his injury, the team still looked mediocre.

Jason Garrett was often the target of fans’ ire. But Mike McCarthy shows that he, too, can’t get the team out of this rut. Between Prescott’s injury and the league’s worst defense, the Cowboys are on a downward spiral. Historically, this is when Jones, the GM, gets criticized for pulling the trigger on reactionary deals. To his credit, however, he did not do so this go-round, details CBS Sports.

Jerry stands still


Why Jerry Jones Will Never Bring Colin Kaepernick To the Dallas Cowboys

With the trade deadline falling on the same day as the election, the NFL did not get much fanfare. However, in a shocking twist of fate, Jones did not make any significant moves that could hurt the team. However, this does not mean that the team is in the clear. The roster might be set for the rest of the season. But the Cowboys show no semblance of turning it around, and bold moves could soon follow. 

From Amari Cooper to CeeDee Lamb, many fans worried that Jones would make another reactionary move in a 30-year history full of them. Although this didn’t happen, the offseason is longer and more prone to moves that make or break a franchise. Jones has shown an inability to make a Super Bowl team from scratch. His early years were primarily helped by the previous management. 

For the time being, however, Cowboys fans are in the clear. Now, they just have to dread the looming offseason.