If You’re Not Following Patrick Mahomes’ Twitter Account You’re Missing Out

From promoting a brand to sharing replays, pro athletes use social media to communicate with fans and the world. More specifically, social media gives fans the chance to get to know their favorite players. Patrick Mahomes is one of many athletes with an entertaining social media account. So why everyone is making the move to follow him on Twitter?

Who is Patrick Mahomes?

Mahomes was born in 1995 in Texas and inherited his dad’s natural athleticism. His father had a career as an MLB pitcher. It’s no surprise that Mahomes had such an impressive record with his high-school football team. From passing touchdowns to passing yards, Mahomes dazzled spectators with his numbers.

In addition to football, Mahomes was known for his noteworthy skills in both basketball and baseball. One of his unforgettable moments came when he managed to pull off a no-hitter. Though Mahomes seemed genetically inclined to follow in his father’s footsteps, he chose not sign with the Detroit Tigers in the 2014 MLB Draft.

Mahomes significantly progressed on and off the field as years passed. He continued his education at Oklahoma State University. When the starting quarterback got injured, Mahomes got the big break he needed in his football career.

It didn’t take long before Mahomes secured the spot as a starter. Though he briefly played baseball in college, the athlete eventually chose to focus on football. Eventually, his determination and work ethic paid off.

In January 2017, Mahomes formally announced his plans to enter the NFL draft, where he went in the first round. The next July, his dreams became official when he signed a multimillion-dollar contract with the Chiefs. From breaking records to being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week, there was no doubt that Mahomes was making a splash in the NFL.

Fans love Mahomes’ personal life

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Mahomes’ love for sports reaches all areas of his life. He’s dated a former soccer player for quite some time. From social media, Brittany Matthews and Mahomes definitely seem happy together. Though the couple doesn’t have any kids, Mahomes is known for spending time with his younger brother, Jackson, and his little sister, Mia.

Why Mahomes is beloved on Twitter

NFL fans will want to follow Mahomes on Twitter as there’s something to be said about his way with words. From funny clap-backs to motivational retweets and shares, Mahomes showcases his personality in a fun way on social media.

On February 23rd, 2020, the Chiefs QB shared a tweet that captured a sentimental moment for him as he reflected on his hard work and career. Mahomes has his followers laughing and smiling at the many things happening in the NFL but also in everyday life.

Chief fans are used to sharing their idol with NFL viewers everywhere. Mahomes is one athlete you definitely want to follow in the game and on Twitter.

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