Indianapolis Colts: Jim Irsay Still Seems Frustrated About Embarrassing Jaguars Loss

The Indianapolis Colts suffered their most embarrassing defeat in franchise history last season. 

Like, the loss was really bad. Think of a past moment in which you wished you were anywhere else but where you were, and multiply it by 1,000. It was that horrific. 

The Colts became the butt of everyone’s jokes after their shocking collapse against the NFL’s worst team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, last season. They went from being a squad no one wanted to face in the playoffs to not even making the postseason. And the debacle is still a sore subject for team owner Jim Irsay.

He recently received a question about it, and the frustration was still evident.

Jim Irsay still seems upset about the Jaguars loss

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay during a ceremony in 2019.
Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay talks to fans during Dwight Freeney’s induction into the Colts Ring of Honor on Nov. 10, 2019. | Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Colts needed just one win in the last two weeks of the 2022 regular season to make the playoffs. They lost to a respectable team in the Las Vegas Raiders during Week 17 but just had to beat the Jaguars, who were so bad they owned the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, in Week 18.

Indy wasn’t even competitive in the game.

After trailing 13-3 in the first half, the team looked pathetic in the third and fourth quarters, falling behind by as much as 26-3. The Colts eventually lost 26-11, but their only touchdown came in garbage time.

While many people deserved blame for the defeat, Carson Wentz has received most of it. He turned the ball over twice and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, completing just 58.6% of his passes.

So, how does Jim Irsay feel about the loss nearly four months later?

“Just thank God I’m a law-abiding citizen and that it wasn’t medieval times,” Irsay said on the May 2 episode of The Pat McAfee Show. “It was beyond pissed and bewilderment. I’ve experienced some losses in the last half-century, some really tough losses, but I’ve never been through anything like that. … You have to remember, the game wasn’t even close. We weren’t even competitive. And to make it even seem worse, they won and still got the first pick in the draft. There’s no logic.”

It seems the loss still burns.

“Everyone is just figuring, ‘Thank God we get to go to Jacksonville,’” he said. “And again, it wasn’t even competitive. I mean, do you understand what I’m saying? … Before [halftime], it’s like ‘Call the airplane. We’re going home. It’s over.’ Everyone around you is trying to be optimistic; it’s like, ‘Get away from me. I see reality. This ship has sailed.’ It was just something of the likes I’ve never seen.”

Luckily for Irsay, his team has improved significantly this offseason.

The Colts are ready to ball in 2022

Jim Irsay challenged his organization after that loss, and everyone has responded.

General manager Chris Ballard and the front office first traded Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders (and somehow still got something in return for him). They then acquired former NFL MVP Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons. Indy has also added pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, 2019 Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore, and second-round pick Alec Pierce.

Ngakoue and Gilmore will join a defense that finished second in the NFL in forced turnovers last season with guys like Darius Leonard, DeForest Buckner, and Kenny Moore II. Ryan and Pierce, on the other hand, will play on an offense that has stars Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr., and Quenton Nelson leading it.

Sure, the Colts had a lot to be ashamed of during that Jacksonville game, but they have a chance to make some noise in 2022.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

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