Inside Braves Pitcher Mark Melancon’s $10 Million Jungle Villa in Mexico

Mark Melancon has played pro ball since 2009 after getting drafted by the Yankees. Now with the Atlanta Braves, the relief pitcher becomes a free agent in 2021. Whether the 35-year-old will try to extend his career remains to be seen. Regardless, Melancon can relax in his $10 million villa on Mexico’s Pacific coast when he retires.

Mark Melancon’s pitching career

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Melancon played college ball at the University of Arizona. He made his MLB pitching debut with the Yankees when the team drafted him in 2006. He has moved around a lot over the last decade from New York to Houston to Boston, on to Pittsburgh and DC before landing in San Francisco, who traded him to Atlanta at the trade deadline in 2019. 

The right-hander is a control pitcher with a variety of pitches including a cut fastball in the low-90s, a knuckle-curve, and four-seam fastball. Occasionally he’ll also throw a changeup to keep a hitter guessing. As of September 11, Melancon has a 30-27 w-l record with a 2.30 ERA. He has 544 strikeouts and 203 saves to his credit, according to Baseball Reference.

Melancon has appeared in three All-Star Games in 2013, 2015, and 2016. He was National League Reliever of the Year in 2015 when he was the Saves Leader as well.

Melancon’s ‘dream home’ in Mexico

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We’re not sure what inspired Melancon’s desire for a villa in Mexico. He seems to have an affinity for nature having the opportunity to swim with Great White Sharks while serving as the Major League ambassador to New Zealand in 2011, reports Fancy Pants Homes.

Melancon’s 19,000-square-foot villa will celebrate its completion this year. Residing within the One&Only Mandarina resort about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, the area is home to some of the country’s most exclusive resorts. It’s located in the Mexican state of Nayarit on some 200 miles of coastline close to the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

The future Melancon home is located on a private bluff with ocean views. It contains eight bedrooms, a gym, and a casino with gaming room. There are two pools, two hot tubs, and an infinity pool.

As the owner of one of the 55-ultra private villas in the resort, Melancon and his family will be able to enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer including a beach club, an equestrian club, and an estuary.

Melancon’s family and finances

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While Melancon was pitching for his high school team in the early 2000s, he was able to befriend Billy Corgan, the frontman for the music group Smashing Pumpkins. According to SB Nation, Corgan had learned of the Melancon family ranch while vacationing in Colorado and paid it a visit.

At the time, Corgan had a Border Collie, which enjoyed the city life. Corgan thought his dog would be happier in a ranch environment and the Melancon family adopted the dog. Corgan and the then young Melancon started their lifelong friendship.

Melancon and his wife, Mary Catherine, wed in 2009. They make decisions together. When the Giants wanted to trade Melancon to the Braves, he called home to discuss waiving his no-trade clause with his wife before signing it, according to SF Gate. The couple has three children.

According to The Squander, Melancon had an estimated net worth of $45 million in 2018. He is currently on a four-year contract that began with the Giants and included a $20 million signing bonus, according to Spotrac. This year, his adjusted salary with the Braves is just above $10 mil.  

Just what the Melancons spent on their Mexican villa has not been disclosed, but another one of the 55-villa resort was listed at around $10 million last year, reports Fox Business. The one listed is 9,680-square-feet with seven bedrooms and seven baths. Each villa has air and water purification, and dehumidification. In this listing, the garage holds three SUVs and two golf carts to travel around the resort.