Inside the Crazy Controlled Life of Mike Tyson, Former ‘Insane’ Party Animal

Mike Tyson used to be one of the scariest and most popular boxers in the world. But, like many athletes, the lifestyle of the rich and famous caught up with him, as did his age.

Nowadays, in his retirement, Tyson is a completely different man. Here’s a look at Mike Tyson’s insane party life, as well as his calmer lifestyle in the present day.

A look at the crazy parties and bad habits

It was the ’80s and Mike Tyson was at the top of the world. He was bringing home millions of dollars every time he fought, and when he fought, he didn’t actually have to do much fighting as he’d knock the other man out early on. As a result, like many celebrities in the ’80s, Tyson was spending his money on things like drugs, cars, and sex.

In fact, Tyson said that, in his prime, he’d pay women to participate in massive orgies with him. He’d pay for women, their moms, and even their cousins to join in on the action. And, for the women that he liked the most, he’d even buy them expensive gifts like a brand-new car. Additionally, like many parties in the ’80s, these orgies had plenty of cocaine and other drugs available. 

None of that was cheap, and it’s part of the reason why Tyson went bankrupt later in his life. But, that said, these insane orgies likely had another profound effect on Tyson.

Did partying destroy Mike Tyson’s career?

As many of Tyson’s fans know, in 1991, he was arrested on charges of raping a woman. The next year, he was convicted of rape and he was sentenced to six years in prison.

He served three years, and when he returned to boxing, he also returned to his crazy party life. This was one of the many dark things that have happened in Tyson’s life, and it undoubtedly had an effect on him and his career.

Tyson was 25 years old when he was arrested for rape and he didn’t return to the boxing ring until he was 29 years old. His actions have not only hurt his victim, her family, and many other people in the boxing community, but it also took four years away from the prime years of his boxing career.

It’s hard to say what Tyson’s boxing career would’ve looked like if he didn’t commit that crime. But, it’s very clear and obvious that his lifestyle choices were one of the reasons why Tyson ultimately spiraled out of control. Unsurprisingly, in retirement, Tyson’s had a chance to look back and reflect on things as well as turn things around. 

What Mike Tyson does nowadays

Tyson, in the modern-day, is a completely new man. Tyson went vegan for a while and that’s not the only way that he’s been connecting himself with green plants. Indeed, Tyson also bought land in California and started a ranch there called Tyson Ranch. 

On Tyson Ranch, Tyson grows a lot of weed. Some of it, he and his friends will use for themselves. The rest, he sells as part of his own brand of weed and CBD products. On Tyson Ranch, he also hosts his own popular podcast, ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.’

And, in contrast to his dark past, Tyson also stars in many comedy movies and TV shows. The most notable of which are in ‘The Hangover franchise. Tyson also stars in his very own animated TV show, Mike Tyson Mysteries. Additionally, while Tyson used to keep a few pet tigers around, his pets are smaller and more gentle now. That said, he’s still spending a lot of money taking care of his pet pigeons