Is Aaron Rodgers Digging Himself a Bigger Hole?

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most polarizing NFL stars. On the one hand, he’s made seven Pro Bowls since becoming the Packers full-time starter. The two-time MVP led his team to a championship in Super Bowl XLV. His regular-season record and career-passer rate rank among the greatest ever.

Yet Rodgers takes a lot of blame for the Packers’ recent struggles. He’s also earned a reputation as a hard player to coach. Recently, Rodgers was in the news once more for some comments he made about his family’s religion.

Past critiques of Aaron Rodgers

A lot of media scrutiny around Rodgers stems from December 2018. At the time, the Packers were embroiled in a highly disappointing season. They had just lost a game to the Arizona Cardinals, one of the worst NFL teams. This put the Packers’ record at 4-7-1. Within hours, the Packers fired head coach Mike McCarthy.

Almost immediately, journalists began blaming Rodgers for the firing. Former teammates commented about the QB being difficult to coach. Earlier that season, Rodgers himself even publicly expressed frustration at the offensive schemes used by Green Bay.

So, while Rodgers strenuously denied having a hand in McCarthy’s firing, his reputation as a needy player made him somewhat hard to believe.

Rodgers’ family feuds

McCarthy wasn’t the first figure in Rodgers’ life that the star quarterback has feuded with. Since 2016, rumors have surrounded Rodgers’ strained relationship with his family. In fact, the QB is said to be estranged from his parents and his brothers. Much of this info comes by way of Rodgers’ younger brother Jordan Rodgers.

Aaron himself has kept quiet about whatever drama exists between himself and his family. When asked, he’s responded that he’s “not going to speak on those things.”

Still, Jordan hasn’t been shy about keeping the feud in the public eye. When Aaron tweeted to raise support for victims of the Camp Wildfire in Chico, California, Jordan tweeted back to suggest that Aaron’s words didn’t mean much coming from a person who didn’t even call to check up on his family’s safety.

Aaron Rodgers’ recent comments about religion

Aaron recently fanned the fires of controversy once more with some highly critical comments about religion, reports Total Pro Sports. He said he didn’t understand how people could “believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell.” Aaron questioned why an omnipotent being would want to “condemn his beautiful creation to fiery hell.”

The comments came on the podcast Pretty Intense, hosted by his girlfriend Danica Patrick. Aaron went on to call religion a “crutch” that people use to “make themselves feel better.” He expressed criticism about the stark “us and them” mentality promoted by many religions.

Aaron clearly directed his comments at the Christian faith. Rodgers’ family, of course, are devout Christians. Unsurprisingly, inside reports soon surfaced that the family was “dismayed” by Aaron’s comments. They felt like the star quarterback had “turned his back on them.”

Still, the source said the family remains unwavering in their love for their son, despite disagreeing with him about some fundamental things. The Rodgers family seems willing to keep the door open for a future reconciliation. For his part, Rodgers doesn’t seem ready to initiate the dialogue necessary to heal the rift.