Is Aaron Rodgers Married or Is He Still Dating Danica Patrick?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in an awkward moment of his career. The team drafted a young QB to play behind Rodgers, a move with myriad implications. Suddenly, one of the most sure things in the NFL became the subject of rumors.

Is his NFL career coming to its final stages? Will Rodgers take his still-potent talents elsewhere, as Tom Brady has? Tough, awkward times are ahead for the aging QB. Now, another part of his life might be less certain: his relationship with his girlfriend, ex-NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick.

How Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick met

For The Win tracked Rodgers’ and Patrick’s courtship from the first meeting, starting with the 2012 ESPYs. The two had a friendly chat, and decided to stay in touch from then on. Their conversations stayed strictly platonic until 2018. Around that time, tabloid rumors swirled but the pair confirmed nothing.

Their red carpet debut, as covered in USA Today, was when Patrick hosted the 2018 ESPYs. As the first woman to win a NASCAR Cup event, the now-retired driver was a great pick to host an event honoring special talents from around the sports world. She was the first woman to host the show, and took the prestigious opportunity to show off her new romance to the world. They appeared in a small skit together, and conducted interviews during the lead up to the show.

Are Rodgers and Patrick still together?

Rodgers has never been married, but he has been in several long-term relationships. He dated actress Olivia Munn for three years before amicably splitting in 2017. Patrick, meanwhile, was married once before.

The pair are still together to this day, as far as anyone officially knows. Their social media accounts still regularly refer to one another, at least until recently, as this People interview with Patrick shows. “If you like a partner who is extremely attractive, super intelligent, very thoughtful, patient (lord knows I can be stubborn), loves to travel, is open-minded, is into growing in this life, and can ball. Ya, it’s pretty amazing,” she said on her Instagram account.

However, users recently noticed that Patrick has unfollowed Rodgers on Instagram, which is usually not a good sign. Rodgers and Patrick have yet to announce anything officially, though. Given Rodgers’ stance on publicly talking about personal matters, fans might never receive an official statement on Patrick.

Rodgers’ difficult family life

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Rodgers has long had issues with his family. The future Hall of Fame QB rarely referenced his family in interviews the way players often do, leading to years of speculation. The New York Post took note of Rodgers’ brother’s comments on an episode of The Bachelor in 2016, which led to the acrimony going fully public.

Rodgers never made it clear why he became estranged from his family. Rather, in an interview with WISN, he simply confirmed that he keeps a distance. He insisted on leaving it at that. “As far as those kinds of things go,” Rodgers said, “I’ve always found that it’s a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters.”

Munn met Rodgers’ brother, but according to USA Today, never spent time with any other members of the QB’s clan. In part, that could be related to the difficult final stretch of the pair’s frayed relationship. Patrick, who had the benefit of knowing about Rodgers’ now-public situation, has put effort into helping the Packers star mend fences with his parents and siblings, as covered on E! Online.