Is Andre Iguodala Leaving the Grizzlies With No Other Choice?

The NBA trade deadline is less than two days away, which has ramped up chatter around the league involving some possible notable moves. Among those is former NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala as he looks to be landlocked with the Memphis Grizzlies due to their high trade demands that have pushed teams away from wanting to unload significant assets to acquire Iguodala in a deal. That said, it appears that he has ramped up the stakes with one potential possibility.

Andre Iguodala’s dilemma in Memphis

Last offseason, the Golden State Warriors made some significant moves to their roster to free up some salary-cap space, including Iguodala being among those shipped out.

The veteran forward was traded to the Grizzlies in what was mainly a salary dump to garner more financial flexibility to sign All-Star guard D’Angelo Russell. In the time that has followed, Iguodala has remained stuck with Memphis as the team has held firm on their hopes of getting a first-round draft pick in any deal.

There have been several teams that have had an interest in acquiring him, but the Grizzlies’ high trade demands have made it difficult for anything to happen. Meanwhile, the team has no desire to buy him out of his current contract as their top desire is to get something in return for him. It has pushed things to the point where there is a real possibility he could remain with the team through the rest of the season.

With that scenario on the table, Iguodala decided to take matters into his own hands with an ultimatum in hopes of guiding things to a resolution.

Andre Iguodala’s trade demands

Iguodala’s situation with the Grizzlies has hit a standstill as the team has stayed with their trade demands that they strongly believe a team will cave in to acquire him before Thursday’s deadline.

However, there is no certainty that will be the case as the reported interested teams haven’t budged in that direction. According to veteran NBA reporter David Aldridge, Iguodala has taken matters into his own hands as he’s willing to sit out the rest of the season if the team doesn’t work out a trade to one of his desired landing spots.

That shortlist of teams includes both LA teams in the Lakers and Clippers along with the Houston Rockets. Each of these teams has expressed some significant interest in signing Iguodala, but haven’t bent to the Grizzlies’ high demands in any deal. Teams like the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat have also entered the picture.

Meanwhile, the news of his ultimatum hasn’t rubbed any of his Grizzlies teammates the right away as Dillon Brook blasted him in the media. Star rookie point guard Ja Morant has gone back and forth with Stephen Curry on social media about him.

There is no love lost in Memphis, but things have reached the point of no return for Iguodala with the hope that the situation gets resolved.

Will the Grizzlies trade Andre Iguodala?

All of this comes down to the Grizzlies being willing to take a step down from their high trade demands. It’s clear that no team wants to unload significant assets to acquire a player that is not only aging but in the final year of his deal.

Iguodala can still be a high-impact player at this stage of his career, but it doesn’t appear that Memphis will get anything near what they are asking to receive. That, on top of his ultimatum, makes it clear that a resolution has to be met, and it puts more pressure on the team to make a deal or lose him for nothing.

Plenty can change over the next couple of days, but time is running short for the Grizzlies to resolve this ongoing situation.