Is Andy Reid the Most Respected Head Coach in the NFL?

Andy Reid is one of the longest-tenured head coaches in the NFL. Between his time with the Eagles and the Chiefs, Reid has been a head coach in the league continuously since 1999. He has also been pretty successful in the league, winning more than 60% of the regular season games he has coached.

With the combination of tenure and success he has said since first becoming a head coach in 1999, Reid has worked with many people, both players and other types of team personnel. And he has become one of the league’s most respected coaches.

Pretty much everyone who has worked with Reid over the years has stories to tell about him. Here are some of the stories, which illustrate how much respect Reid’s colleagues have for him.

Andy Reid’s coaching career

Reid first took over as the Eagles‘ head coach for the 1999 season, leading the team to a 5-11 record, which remains one of just three sub-.500 seasons his teams have had in his 21 seasons as a head coach.

His second season with the Eagles they flipped their record to go 11-5, and they would win at least 11 games for five straight seasons, through 2004. Reid would remain with the Eagles through the 2012 campaign, when he led the team to a career-worst 4-12 mark.

Overall, the Eagles made nine playoff appearances during Reid’s tenure, including a loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX. He then went to the Chiefs in 2013, and they have not won fewer than nine games under his leadership.

They have made the playoffs in five of his six seasons there, including an AFC Championship appearance last season, and are on track to make the playoffs again. The only knock against Reid is he has not yet won a Super Bowl, and his teams have only made one Super Bowl appearance.

Andy Reid’s parents helped make him who he is

Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder talks a bit about Reid’s parents and the traits that he has inherited from them. His mother was a doctor and his father an artist.

His mom had an analytical mind, while dad’s creative side gave Reid his out-of-the-box thinking. Between the two of them, Reid has “a little art and a little science in his football,” a combination that has helped him find the success that he has had in his difficult position for more than two decades.

Never a stone left unturned

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson says Andy Reid never leaves a stone unturned. “Every stone has been turned over once, twice, three times.” When Pederson was playing for the Packers, Reid was their tight ends coach. Pederson says that “one of the things he mentored me with that carries over to today is just the details of the work.”

It’s rare to see a man so well respected by all of the people who he helped come up through the years and his peers. It seems that nobody has anything bad to say about Andy Reid.

“A teddy bear and a gentleman”

Former Packers quarterback coach Steve Mariucci says that despite being a big guy, Andy Reid is “a teddy bear and a gentleman” who seldom loses his cool. Mariucci recalls the time that he met Reid’s wife, Tammy, when they were both on the Green Bay coaching staff.

It was during an overnight fire alarm at the motor lodge where they were staying; Reid and Mariucci were both in their underwear, and their wives were wrapped in towels, when Reid asked Mariucci if he wanted to meet his wife.

Carrying down traditions

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur recalls being Reid’s quarterback coach, and Reid had him do a summer project in which he went through every pass and write out in great detail the quarterback’s every progression on each throw against different coverages.

It took Shurmur eight weeks, but he says “it was a project for me as a coach to learn it, and it was his way of teaching it.” Shurmur says he now has the young coaches he is around do it as well.

Andy Reid is the definition of a “football guy” and we hope to see him in the league for years to come.