Is Blake Griffin Getting Traded From the Pistons?

Detroit Pistons’ power forward Blake Griffin keeps proving to be an interesting vector for trade talks. Griffin’s aggressive play made him a crucial piece of the Clippers’ building momentum back in 2014, in the midst of the tumultuous final days of then-owner Donald Sterling.

Griffin’s January 2018 trade to the rebuilding Pistons turned out to be a rare win/win for the two teams, with the Pistons landing a superstar and the Clippers setting up the circumstances for their blockbuster Kawhi Leonard and Paul George deals. Now, rumors point to the Pistons leveraging the deal to make their own big move.

Is Griffin getting traded from the Pistons? None other than Griffin himself seems to think so, if his social media presence is any indication.

Blake Griffin ‘likes’ tweet about trade rumors

An unnamed source is doing the rounds, passing along the details on a potential Griffin trade. Normally that would be grist for the rumor mill and not much more. But in this case, Griffin inserted himself into the discussion.

That tweet above? Apparently, upon seeing it, the six-foot, 10-inch superstar himself clicked the little red heart at the bottom to signal his feelings on it.

While some older celebrities sometimes get themselves into trouble over social media slip-ups, the 30-year-old Griffin is part of a class of players fully aware of the implications of moves like this.

He can cling to plausible deniability over what a Twitter like ultimately means in terms of a real deal, but he is letting the league and fans alike know exactly how he feels about hammering out a deal this offseason.

Will Blake Griffin go to the Bulls?

The same source that posted the Griffin-approved rumor later revealed that the Chicago Bulls are one of the teams reaching out to the Pistons.

The long-suffering Bulls are in dire need of a player on Griffin’s level. Their current starting five relies on the dual bedrock of center Wendell Carter Jr. power forward Lauri Markkanen, which is unlikely to change. A deal would involve major adjustments to the cap sheet to keep those two on the squad.

If the Bulls are willing to risk giving up a future first-round pick, a Griffin deal is certainly possible.

Timberwolves rumored to be interested in a Blake Griffin trade

Back in 2018, the Minnesota Timberwolves made a big push for Griffin. He ended up with the Pistons, but their interest in a superstar power forward has to be duly noted, right?

The Feature Hoops rumor pins Minnesota as the second team making a push for Griffin in 2019 as well. A core squad of Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins held up by Griffin sounds fantastic, but the details of working out that deal might be untenable. Moving on from Wiggins, then working out a deal from there, is a likely move as well.

Could the Heat be a good fit?

The Miami Heat are the third team rumored to have a substantial interest in Griffin. Unfortunately, they appear to be the least likely to have enough on offer.

The wavering Heat are in an awkward in-between phase. They aren’t yet in full rebuild mode but aren’t capable of sending out a strong playoff-level squad either. Most of their trade pieces are burdensome, expensive contracts. Their late first-round pick also probably won’t add up to much in this deal.

The Heat need to pay dearly to get their hands on Griffin. It will take layers of strong trades to make a deal happen. But, with fans hungry to see a superstar in AmericanAirlines Arena again, a Griffin deal isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.