Is Carson Wentz Still a Top-10 Quarterback in the NFL?

Carson Wentz has a Super Bowl ring. Well, kind of. The Eagles beat the Patriots in one of the most exciting games in recent memory. But Wentz was on the sideline, having handed over the reins to Nick Foles following an injury. Before that injury, though, Wentz was the potential league MVP. And he provided enough leadership that his team went to the big game and took it down without him. 

Analyzing what Wentz brings to the NFL

The 2017 season was indicative of Wentz’s career. Some days he’s the best quarterback ever. Other days he isn’t even playing. He’s overrated. Or, he’s underrated. Or he’s appropriately rated, but nobody is thinking about him. At his peak, Wentz has been an elite QB. But in only four seasons, it’s tough to get a read on Wentz’s skill and potential accurately.

If he starts the 2020 season, we might finally get an answer to the question on every Eagles fan’s mind: is Carson Wentz a top 10 QB?

At his peak, maybe. But not most weeks. He’s not Patrick Mahomes. He’s not Lamar Jackson. He’s not Aaron Rodgers as a passer, even on his best days. Drew Brees and Tom Brady are on the north side of 40, but nobody would put Wentz ahead. He’s undoubtedly not top-5. 

Is he better than Matt Ryan? Better than Philip Rivers, who has toiled unluckily with the Chargers but still put up incredible numbers? Better than Russell Wilson, who always makes unbelievable moves with his feet? Unlikely. At best, Wentz is just on the outside for the top 10. 

Is Wentz top-10?

CBSSports recently published a piece investigating whether Wentz was top 10. Their breakdown was that it’s been difficult to judge fairly. He’s struggled with injury, and even when he’s healthy, he doesn’t get enough support from his receivers. With a healthy, strong team around him, it’s entirely possible that Wentz could put up elite numbers. He hasn’t had the chance yet. Plenty of quarterbacks go their whole career without ever having an elite team around them. Wentz could make it happen.

But Wentz doesn’t have to be good right now. The man is 27 years old. He has another decade of playtime in him, easy. And he’s shown that he can recover from injury, although continually missing chunks of the season cause concern. Wentz demonstrated that he’s willing to put in the work. It’s entirely possible that he hasn’t reached his potential peak yet, and maybe that’s around the corner in 2020.

Wentz’s potential and what 2020 might bring

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The flashes of brilliance that Wentz has shown are promising, and he even managed some consistent numbers over time. In his last three years, he’s only played 40 games. But he’s averaged better than 2 TDs per game and only about half an interception. He knows how to throw the ball and work with the team. Things could certainly line up for Wentz to have another breakout season. And if he doesn’t, the question will seem hilarious in hindsight. 

But… is Carson Wentz a top-10 quarterback? Not based on his on-field production so far. But he took a team to the playoffs and could have won that year’s MVP award (not to mention that he gave them the tools to win the Super Bowl. When he’s healthy and has someone to throw to, his ceiling is astronomical. He needs to put the pieces together. Ten years from now, Wentz will likely be in the twilight of his career. Hopefully, he’s had enough time healthy by then to put this question to rest finally.