Is Colin Kaepernick Finally Getting One More Chance at the NFL?

Since last playing in the NFL back in the 2016 season with the San Francisco 49ers, former quarterback Colin Kaepernick has maintained his pursuit of getting back into the league. It has mostly been met with little to no interest from teams in the past three-plus years. However, Kaepernick could be in line to finally get a shot at making a comeback after what the NFL has just done to aid his efforts. 

Colin Kaepernick remains committed to NFL comeback

It has been a steep path back to the NFL for Kaepernick since he decided to opt-out of his deal with the 49ers. There hasn’t been much movement on his front throughout the last few years despite the numerous notable injuries at the quarterback position.

That hasn’t deterred his determination to get back into the NFL as he has continued to stay in good physical shape to play while holding numerous workouts, which has posted on his social media accounts. The latest one was over this past offseason where he worked out with Cleveland Browns star wideout Odell Beckham Jr.

Kaepernick has also made it clear in various interviews over the last couple of years that he still has a strong desire to get back into the NFL. It just now comes down to the opportunity being presented to him, which the league may finally be lending him a hand in that effort.

NFL arranges workout for Colin Kaepernick

Although Kaepernick has conducted numerous workouts showing his unwavering commitment to the game, there have been other aspects that have contributed to him remaining off the field. His collusion lawsuit against the league that resulted in him winning the case has been a factor aside from his strong stance towards social injustice.

Even with that still lingering around, things have taken a significant step forward for Kaepernick’s comeback attempt as the NFL has set up a workout for him later this week, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

It is a significant development that shows the league is making an effort to give Kaepernick a legitimate shot to get back into the NFL possibly this season. That is something that may never have come to be expected, given what has transpired in the last few years.

With the league’s support in the effort, it should see several teams at least take a flyer to see him workout to see what he has to offer physically after being out of the league for the last three years.

Colin Kaepernick will have his NFL shot

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The numerous hurdles that have presented themselves over the years have challenged Kaepernick’s NFL dreams, but he will finally get his chance to prove he can still be a viable quarterback in the league.

At this point, there is no telling of how many teams or if any will attend the workout, but the intrigue is certainly there. If he’s any bit the type of player he was when he last played with the 49ers, he has a place in the NFL be it a backup or a chance to vie for a starting job.

It has simply come down to him not getting the opportunity to join a team in any capacity to see if he can be a piece in the puzzle regardless of the role. Saturday may be the day where teams will get a first-hand view of what he can bring to the table that could get him back where his talent belongs on an NFL roster.

Ultimately, only time will tell if that scenario will ever once again present itself to Kaepernick.