Is Francis Ngannou the Biggest Surprise on the Top 100 UFC Fighters List?

There are so many great fighters in the UFC that it’s very hard to rank them on any list. How do you compare fighters from different weight classes? How can you compare fighters from different genders? What about fighters from different periods of time? Regardless, some people have tried to make such a list. Here’s why Francis Ngannou might be the biggest surprise that’s totally missing from that list.

Francis Ngannou is one of the best UFC fighters ever

According to Give Me Sport, Tapology’s top 100 UFC fighters list is completely missing one of the biggest and baddest men in the UFC right now, Francis Ngannou. Born in Cameroon, Ngannou had a rough and impoverished life before he moved to France, where he started training and fighting competitively. 

Ngannou fights in the heavyweight division, and like many heavyweights, most UFC fans expect Ngannou to be a knockout artist. However, not only does he live up to that expectation, but he also far surpasses it too. He’s also not just a one-punch man. He has shown in the past that he can use his strength and skills to secure a win through submissions as well. 

A brief look at Francis Ngannou’s career

Heavyweight force Francis Ngannou might be the most egregious oversight on the list of the top 100 UFC fighters of all time.
Francis Ngannou. | Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Like most UFC fighters, Ngannou joined the UFC with a pretty good record of 5-1. Ngannou quickly made a name for himself, not just for being a large and imposing fighter, but also for being a skilled knockout artist. Ngannou brutally knocked out four of his first six UFC opponents. He submitted one fighter in the first round, and he beat up Curtis Blaydes so severely that the doctor called the fight off in the second round.

Not only that, but Francis Ngannou was tested by the UFC, too. He had to fight Andrei Arlovski and Alistair Overeem, both of whom appear on Tapology’s top 100 UFC fighters list. And the result of both fights was the same. In the first round and in about 90 seconds, Ngannou brutally knocked out both men.

With those two wins, and with 12 fights under his belt, the UFC gave Ngannou a title shot against Stipe Miocic. Unfortunately for Ngannou, Miocic’s wrestling game plan allowed him to handle Ngannou easily for five rounds. That was Ngannou’s first UFC loss, but his next fight was worse. 

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The UFC then had Ngannou fight Derrick Lewis, who was also a knockout artist. Most people thought that this fight would be exciting, but it became one of the most boring bouts ever. After three rounds where both men barely threw any punches at each other, Lewis was declared the winner. 

Despite this setback, Ngannou went back to the drawing board and he became the fearsome man that everyone knew that he was. In his next three fights, Ngannou only fought for a combined 142 seconds. In those 142 seconds, Ngannou brutally knocked out his three opponents, including two former champions, Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez. Both dos Santos and Velasquez are also on Tapology’s top 100 UFC fighters list.

Why Ngannou deserves a spot on the list of the top fighters

Not all fighters on that list have won a title, so it’s ridiculous why a man such as Ngannou, who has defeated so many high-level fighters and former champions, didn’t get a spot on that list. Sure, Ngannou competed in one of the most boring fights ever, but he’s also had some of the most spectacular wins.

On top of that, the UFC measured how hard Ngannou punched, and Give Me Sport says that Ngannou’s punch is one of the most powerful punches ever. Because of all these factors, Francis Ngannou definitely deserves a spot at the table of being one of the top 100 UFC fighters ever.