Is Lamar Jackson Related To Bo Jackson?

Lamar Jackson is currently one of the best players in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens. He isn’t the only great Jackson to ever play the game, however. Long before Lamar was embarrassing opposing defenses, Bo Jackson roamed the backfield for the Oakland Raiders. They played different positions, but both played the game in a similar dominating fashion. Where Lamar throws with power and scrambles with grace, Bo was like an 18-wheeler, crushing anything in his path. 

The two share a heightened proficiency for the game of football, but more than that, they also share a last name. It may lead some fans to think the two are from the same family. 

Lamar Jackson’s NFL career has been a big highlight reel 

Jackson was the 2019 NFL MVP. According to USA Today, he shattered 15 Ravens’ team records last season. He led the Ravens to a first-round bye and the first overall seed in the AFC last season.

While the Ravens lost in the divisional round to the Tennessee Titans, it did little to wipe Lamar’s incredible year from the memories of NFL fans. He had made a statement last season, and the statement was that he was one of the top quarterbacks in football and will be for a long time. 

Lamar now joins Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and Russell Wilson as a new class of versatile, talented quarterbacks taking over the NFL. As a Heisman Trophy winner at Louisville, Lamar received acclaim for his athletic play. Many doubters said he’d be a better fit in the NFL as a wide receiver, and he fell to the end of the first round when the Ravens drafted him in 2019. How wrong those doubters were. 

Bo Jackson is a living legend

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Before Lamar, there was Bo. A two-sport star in the ’80s, he was quite simply one of the greatest athletes of his generation. A college star at Auburn, he played for the Oakland Raiders as a running back.

He also played for several MLB teams as a baseball star. He logged time with the Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, and California Angels. Few baseball fans from that era can forget his death-defying catch in the All-Star Game when he scaled the outfield wall. 

According to ESPN, Bo suffered a bad hip injury during a 1991 playoff game that greatly limited his mobility, turning him into a shell of his former self on the football field and the baseball diamond. Otherwise, there’s little doubt he would have been one of the greatest of all time in both sports. 

Is Lamar Jackson related to Bo Jackson? 

Lamar Jackson cuts back during a scramble
Lamar Jackson looks for space in the open field | Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s common for sports fans to associate two players who have the same last name with each other. They’ll often assume the two are family. There’s no familial connection between Bo and Lamar, however. The two are not related.

That’s not to say the two don’t have a lot in common. Younger fans may not realize this, but Bo was one of the biggest stars in sports before he injured his hip. He was an electrifying runner who seemed like a sure thing for the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day. His early stardom on the baseball field only added to his legend. 

Likewise, Lamar took over as one of the premier quarterbacks in football last season. Beating teams with both his arm and his legs, he dominated the NFL in a way few quarterbacks as young as him have before. Much like Bo, he showed the ability to use his athleticism to take over games.

Bo and Lamar may not be related by blood, but the confidence and ease with which they play the game look very familiar. Here’s hoping Lamar’s career looks more like Bo’s early years and avoids the injury problems of the later ones.