Is Lamar Jackson Related to Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson has one of the most recognizable faces, names, and voices in Hollywood. Over in the NFL, Lamar Jackson is a rising star who is making all detractors look silly as he rises to a superstar level.

With the Jackson name going strong, a connection has been forged between the award-winning actor and the up-and-coming superstar quarterback. In a sports world filled with strange familial connections, some are wondering if the two are related.

Does Lamar Jackson have a famous relative?

It is hard to pinpoint where rumors of Lamar Jackson’s perceived relation to Samuel L. originated. At nearly 50 years older, Samuel could theoretically be an uncle or cousin, but there is no apparent connection between the two past the name.

The two do have some distant history with each other, however, as Samuel L. went on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in 2016 and eventually got to discussing the then Louisville quarterback thanks to a hilariously-timed photograph of him next to a teammate.

Samuel and Lamar Jackson

During this 2016 NCAA football game played between Louisville and Charlotte, television cameras caught a behind-the-back shot of Lamar sitting next to his teammate, Traveon Samuel. The result, as pointed out by several people on Twitter and in sports media, was a pair of jerseys that read as “Samuel” and L. Jackson. 

This convenient mix of pop culture and irony is the perfect combination for a viral moment on an internet that eats this type of event up. The screenshot made its rounds before eventually making it to The Tonight Show, where Samuel L. was slated to be a guest that night. Jackson looked amused when Fallon pulled out the picture bearing his namesake, and also showed a little bit of football knowledge as he reacted to the photograph. 

Samuel responded by stating that Lamar might win the Heisman trophy. Jackson had already won one Heisman trophy and was in the running to win another one that year.

Samuel L.’s connection sports might not be what makes him famous, but he has long been known as an avid supporter of teams across different, and his presence at sporting events across the country often draws the eye of the television cameras who are covering the games.

Samuel L. Jackson and sports

Samuel L.’s sports fandom is apparent b the way that his career has gone. He’s taken film roles that directly relate to sports on more than one occasion, playing a high school basketball coach who values academics in the biopic Coach Carter and a homeless man who used to be a world-class boxer in Resurrecting the Champ.

During his off-time, it is well-known that Jackson loves to golf, even having a provision in all of his film contracts that he is allowed to golfing while on the sets of his many movies. He has even gotten into a Twitter war with the President of the United States over whether or not Donald Trump cheats or not and whether Jackson has ever gone golfing with him.

As a fan, Jackson, who has hosted the ESPY awards on more than one occasion, has been outspoken about his love for many teams and athletes.

Although the origin is unknown, Jackson has expressed his love for the Toronto Raptors on several occasions throughout his career, appearing courtside at Raptors games both in Canada and stateside. Aside from the Raptors, Jackson has been known to support Tennessee women’s basketball, Serena Williams, and the Atlanta Falcons. 

Samuel L. and Lamar Jackson may not be related, but they are among the best in their given fields. The picture in 2016 made Lamar a meme for a short moment, but he is proving to be more than a meme and former Heisman winner every time he throws the ball.

Samuel L., on the other hand, continues getting lots of acting work into his seventies, and he’s making sure to get some golf swings in the process.