Is Michael Strahan on the New York Giants’ Mount Rushmore?

Pro Football Hall of Fame pass-rusher Michael Strahan is among the greatest players in New York Giants history. 

That much is indisputable. Before he became a superstar on Fox’s NFL coverage and other entertainment ventures, Strahan had an excellent 15-season career with the New York Giants.

We just called Strahan’s time in New York “excellent.” But was he good enough to make the Giants’ hypothetical Mount Rushmore?

Michael Strahan is a New York Giants legend

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The 40th overall pick in 1993, Michael Strahan retired in 2008 as one of the most productive pass-rushers in NFL history.

Strahan totaled 141.5 sacks, forced 24 fumbles, and recovered another 15 in 216 career games. He famously set the NFL sack record in 2001, when he totaled 22.5 takedowns.

The validity of that record has been disputed with how easily Packers quarterback Brett Favre fell to the ground, which in essence gifted Strahan the new mark.

Strahan had six seasons with double-digit sacks, made seven Pro Bowls, and earned first-team All-Pro honors four times.

Michael Strahan is among the rare legends who retired on top

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Michael Strahan didn’t shy away from the occasion in the postseason, totaling 9.5 sacks and forcing three fumbles in 10 playoff games.

Two of those sacks and two forced fumbles came in the 2007-08 NFL playoffs. The New York Giants became a team of destiny and won four straight road games, culminating in a Super Bowl 42 upset of Tom Brady and the 18-0 Patriots.

Strahan retired the following spring, which made him one of the rare icons who retired on top. There aren’t many all-time greats who had the opportunity to win a championship in their final game.

Peyton Manning did it in February 2016 with the Denver Broncos. Former Pittsburgh Steelers star running back Jerome Bettis accomplished the same feat in February 2006.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis left football with a Super Bowl 47 victory in 2013. John Elway also did it way back in January 1999 with the Denver Broncos.

Longtime MLB outfielder Carlos Beltran recently retired as a champion with the Houston Astros in 2017.

Would Strahan make the Giants’ ideal Mount Rushmore?

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Michael Strahan is one of the greatest players in New York Giants history, and he will always be remembered as such.

If one made a hypothetical Mount Rushmore for the Giants, would Strahan’s face appear there the way it does in the Hall of Fame?

According to Pro-Football-Reference, Strahan totaled 158 approximate value with the Giants. That places him third, behind legendary linebacker Lawrence Taylor (182) and two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning (165).

Harry Carson, a fearsome linebacker in his own right, is fourth at 121 AV.

Those four are all deserving of Mount Rushmore spots, although some may prefer putting quarterback Phil Simms over Manning.

Pro-Football-Reference got this right, and we’re going to keep Manning on our Mount Rushmore. Manning and Simms each won two Super Bowls, but Simms won the second ring while injured. Manning started, and won, both of his Super Bowls.

Strahan easily deserves to be on there, which would be the case even if he hadn’t won a Super Bowl.

All stats courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference.