Is the NFL Pulling a PR Stunt with Colin Kaepernick’s Workout?

Throughout the last three years, former quarterback Colin Kaepernick has continued his push to get back into the NFL. It has been largely an unsuccessful effort to get teams interested in bringing Kaepernick aboard on a roster. However, the NFL has set up a workout on Saturday for him, where they have invited all the teams in the league to take a look at what he brings to the table. The entire effort from the NFL has an intriguing spin to it that has drawn questions of whether it was a genuine move to get Kaepernick another shot to make a comeback.

NFL schedules workout for Colin Kaepernick

In a surprising move on Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that the NFL has set up a combine-style workout for Kaepernick, where they have invited every team in the league to attend.

The news has come out of left field as there were no previous rumblings of that being the case at this point in time. Instead, Kaepernick has a chance to work out in front of teams to show them what he can bring to the table at this point in his career.

There are reports that coaches from the Detriot Lions, Atlanta Falcons, and Miami Dolphins will be in attendance. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys have also stated that they will be represented at the event. It’s still a fluid situation as more teams could make the trip to Atlanta to what the 32-year-old can still do on the field.

Does the NFL have true intentions?

The timing of the workout does bring some questions as to why the NFL has decided to set it up for Kaepernick.

It is well-documented that he has a strong desire to make a return as he has posted numerous football workout videos over the last several months, including one with Odell Beckham Jr. The decision to do this now this far into the 2019 season is a curious time to do something like that, which has even drawn doubt of its sincerity from Kaepernick’s close friend and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, according to David Newton of ESPN.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Reid said. “At this point, it feels like a PR stunt.”

At the same time, it was revealed on Wednesday that rapper Jay-Z, who has become involved with the NFL, had a hand in helping set up the workout. The 49-year-old has been quite vocal about the lack of interest from the league before the collaboration with the league on the “Inspire Change” initiative, a group of NFL that are seeking to advance social and racial justice.

The fact that Jay-Z played a hand in helping this get put together should give some clarity on what the intentions are with it.

Colin Kaepernick’s shot at NFL comeback

With the combine-style workout setup for later this week, it’s a chance for Kaepernick to showcase what he can provide on the field physically while being able to speak directly to teams afterward.

There will be some uneasiness with the process, which is understandable given that Kaepernick has spent the last three years trying to get back into the league without any real traction. All that will be put to the side if this does lead to him getting a chance to reignite his NFL career.

If Kaepernick can showcase that he is any bit the talent he was when he last played, there is certainly a spot in the NFL for him to be on a roster. It may merely all come down to a team giving him a chance.