Is Patrick Mahomes Good at Every Sport?

Ask an average NFL fan who the greatest quarterback in the game is today, and a surprising number will tell you it is Kansas City Chiefs field general Patrick Mahomes. Having just finished his third season, Mahomes already has an NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl victory to his name. His future looks as bright as that of any rising star in the league.

Mahomes is also one of the most gifted quarterbacks of all time, with the ability to throw a ball at a staggering 60 miles per hour. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that Mahomes was a promising athlete in a number of other sports. Here we take a closer look at Mahomes’ forays into basketball, baseball, and even golf.

Patrick Mahomes and basketball

Mahomes played high school basketball for the Whitehouse Wildcats. During his senior year, the 6″3″ guard averaged over 19 points and 8.3 rebounds a game. According to the school’s athletic director at the time, Mahomes easily could have boosted his numbers if he hadn’t been so focused on unselfish play.

The director also voiced his strong opinion that Mahomes would have been a Division I player if he had decided to stick with basketball. Of course, Mahomes still continued to get up shots from time to time.

About a year ago, in fact, a Twitter video of Mahomes dominating a pickup game went viral. Concerned that their MVP quarterback might injure himself, the Chiefs even stepped in to forbid Mahomes from playing basketball moving forward. 

Patrick Mahomes’ first love was baseball

Mahomes’ father, also named Pat, was a pitcher in Major League Baseball, carving out an 11-year career, mostly as a middle reliever. So Mahomes was exposed to baseball from his earliest years. He also began playing baseball while still a child. By the time he reached high school, Mahomes exhibited elite-level skills at a variety of different baseball positions.

As a 17-year-old, Mahomes could already throw pitches well over 90 miles per hour. Mahomes was also a versatile hitter, with more than enough power to knock balls out of the park.

During his senior year in 2014, Mahomes ranked as the 419th best MLB prospect. During that summer, the Detroit Tigers selected Mahomes in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB draft.

That gave Mahomes the option to forgo college in pursuit of a career in professional baseball. In the end, of course, Mahomes chose to go on to play college football Texas Tech. Yet it’s intriguing to think about what he might have been if instead, he had decided to play baseball at a competitive level.

Not a bad golf game

By now it should be clear that Mahomes has an innate love of sports — not to mention the kinds of physical gifts that let him excel at basically any game. Mahomes also has the kind of competitive nature that makes him want to compete any chance he gets. For that reason, it makes sense why the Chiefs reacted with such concern when footage of Mahomes’ pickup basketball game hit the internet.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways for Mahomes to compete without putting himself at serious risk of injury. Specifically, Mahomes plays a significant amount of golf — that’s right, golf. And apparently the team endorses this pastime, since it is relatively low impact. Golf skills also benefit overall eye-hand coordination, which certainly won’t hurt on the football field.

Mahomes is far from the only professional football player to take up an amateur interest in golf. Other NFL quarterbacks, from Tony Romo to Aaron Rodgers, have also expressed a fondness for the game. Peyton Manning also plays golf on a regular basis, even hitting the links with his good friend Tiger Woods.

So yes, until proven otherwise, it appears Patrick Mahomes is good at just about every sport.