Is Peyton Manning Finally Going to Broadcast NFL Games?

Peyton Manning has spent his retirement in the spotlight in more ways than one. From ESPN shows to movie appearances, commercials to occasional appearances on NFL broadcasts, Manning has been busy, but there is one thing he has avoided. Since retirement, many have wanted to see Manning move over to the broadcast booth as an analyst. Manning has resisted, citing many different reasons. Recently, however, he might have begun changing his mind. 

Peyton Manning’s life in retirement

Manning always seemed destined for a life in the spotlight after football was over. Before he even retired, he was appearing on commercials, guesting on The Simpsons, appearing on Saturday Night Live, and making his name as an entertainment personality who happened to be one of the best football players in the world. 

Manning hasn’t been away from football, he just doesn’t have the role that other players typically gravitate toward. As part of his contract with ESPN, Manning hosts a variety of shows, like Peyton’s Places, which has him explore the game of football not only as a player, but a fan, historian, student, and mentor of the game. 

Furthermore, Manning has recently begun hosting a football version of Detail, a show that was started by the late Kobe Bryant and has veterans of their sports dissect the games of the current generations. Manning hosted the 2017 ESPYs, continues appearing on television and in movies and shows no sign of slowing down. 

Furthermore, Manning has shown interest in returning to football in other ways, from front office jobs to coaching. For most of his life, Manning has lived and breathed football, and it is part of what has made him such a staple of the NFL and greater football communities around the country. This still is not enough for some people, though.

After Tony Romo’s recent contract, however, he could finally make the plunge that people want him to make. 

A move to the announcers’ booth soon?

Recently, fellow quarterback-turned-television personality Tony Romo made waves after signing a $17 million a year contract to stay at CBS as a part of the network’s football coverage. Romo has made a name for himself after football thanks to his ability to call out plays before they happen and explain the game in ways that newcomers and fanatics can appreciate, alike. 

Romo might not have been as prevalent in the television world as Manning, but he has more than made up for it in retirement. Almost immediately, his abilities as a broadcaster were lauded. Leading into his new contract, however, CBS was worried that Romo might leave them for ESPN, especially if ESPN opened up its checkbook. 

To combat this, CBS offered Manning a lucrative $12 million a year deal to come over to them and become an analyst if Romo decided to leave. Manning reportedly mulled over the deal but never committed. Still, the door appears to be open for a move to the announcers’ booth. 

Will Peyton Manning take the plunge? 

Manning has reportedly offered several reasons for his resistance to moving over to the announcers’ booth. From not wanting to call his recently-retired brother’s games to the struggle of calling his former teammates, something didn’t feel right. However, with every passing year, these excuses grow more obsolete. 

Should Manning decide to move to the booth, like ESPN reportedly wants him to do for Monday Night Football,  it would mark a fitting next chapter in his career. He has the charisma and the knowledge of the game to make it work.

However, he has to want to do the job if he’s going to take that plunge. Manning has a full plate, and it might grow even fuller without an announcing gig. If he finally moves over, however, expect him to become one of the biggest names in football’s television coverage.