Is This 1 Game the Miami Dolphins Only Shot at a Win This Season?

To say that the Miami Dolphins have been bad this season would be underplaying their performance during the 2019 NFL season. They have not just been bad, they have been catastrophically awful. Not only has the team lost every one of their first three games, but they have also done so in a fashion that has people wondering if they can win a game all season. 

With this in mind, the games in which the Miami Dolphins have a chance at victory are few and far between, and if they want to get a win this season it may come up in a couple of weeks.

The Miami Dolphins’ abysmal start

Just how bad have the Dolphins been this season? The Dolphins have scored 16 points through three games. This would have lost any of the three games individually. In their games against the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and the Dallas Cowboys, the team has given up 133 points, putting them at a -117 on the year in point differential.

The strength of the first three opponents combined with the inexperienced roster has meant that every week has been an utter execution on the scoreboard. It is so bad that people are already looking to next year, and who the Dolphins should pick if they keep up the mediocre play.

Josh Rosen has shown promise but is still an unproven quarterback who is being put through a lot, and the Miami Dolphins schedule season-wide is believed to be among the worst in the league.

The Redskins game

The Washington Redskins may not be as bad as the Miami Dolphins are on paper, but that doesn’t mean that they are in a better place. After Case Keenum went down with an injury that could cause him to miss some time, the Dolphins could catch the team at just the right time.

The fact that the team has failed to win with Keenum also shows that regardless of if he plays or not, and he is expected to be back soon, both the teams could head into that week 5 game seeking their first win. 

Jay Gruden’s name has also been mentioned recently in rumors that he is to be fired if the Redskins don’t shape up. If there is a new coach by the time the Redskins face off against the Dolphins, it could mean that the Dolphins, for once, could be the most stable team heading into a game.

Still, the Dolphins will need to figure out their offense and their defense alike if they want to get out of the losing column this year. 

Can the Miami Dolphins bookend history?

There could be other chances for the Dolphins to win. After all, the Steelers and the Jets are both struggling with injuries and could come into those games hobbled.

But if the Dolphins keep it up and have a winless season, there would be something of a poetic tint to their accomplishment. In 1972, the Dolphins became the only team to ever have a perfect season, finishing the year with a 17-0 record.

They do not want to achieve this feat, but perhaps they can use the inspiration of not being on both sides of this record to avoid becoming the sixth team in NFL history to go winless in a season.