Is Tom Brady the Most Overhyped NFL Player in 2020?

Tom Brady has been “too old” to win a Super Bowl since somewhere between his fourth and fifth championship (out of six). However, the GOAT doesn’t spend much time listening to critics. In Tampa Bay, he might do the impossible and bring the Buccaneers their first championship since the early 2000s.

The pieces are all lined up: Brady has his most reliable receiver by his side and a team that’s willing to do whatever it takes to make TB12 comfortable under center. Hype aside, there are plenty of reasons it might not be wise to bet the house on the Bucs.

Brady will turn 43 before he throws his first pass of the season, a mark that few players in any position reach. He’s planning to play until he’s at least 45, but how realistic can that be? Whether he makes it another few years, Brady’s age will factor into his performance for as long as he’s the Bucs’ starter. 

Tom Brady’s one-dimensional playstyle

First of all, yes. Tom Brady can throw the football like no one before him. He seems to have a knack for getting the tightest of windows and his receivers always tend to break receptions off for massive gains. But that’s it.

He can’t run, he’s not fast, he hasn’t shown an above-average tendency to escape the pocket the way that Deshaun Watson or Johnny Manziel have. Brady simply stands behind an elite offensive line and heaves the ball. He does it very, very well, but that’s all he does (aside from converting 1-yard QB sneaks, but again–that’s largely the offensive line’s work).

If anything ever breaks down in Brady’s throwing motion, it’s the end of his career immediately. And he’s at the age where things start breaking down (among mortal quarterbacks, of course).

How legitimate are Brady’s accomplishments?

While Brady has never technically been caught cheating, his name will always connect with “deflategate” and “spygate.” And if he performs well in Tampa Bay, we’ll have to endure “Gronkretirementgate,” because there’s no way Brady should have immediately got his biggest weapon back in Florida.

But on some level, Brady’s play will always have a few question marks. Without the backing of a mega-corporation like the Patriots, and without the constant scheming of Bill Belichick, how will Brady perform? 

The bottom line on Brady’s future

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Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, and possibly the greatest NFL player of all time. It’s likely his six Super Bowl wins will never be matched, and with a little luck it could have easily been eight or more.

Along with Belichick, he turned the Patriots franchise into an all-time great dynasty. Over the past 17 seasons, the Patriots have won the division 16 times. Their current streak of 11 is a testament to Brady’s longevity and drive. Unfortunately, he’s not bringing the rest of the Patriots with him (just Gronk).

Brady is going to have to reinvent his game in an unfamiliar city–one where he won’t have the benefit of snow or freezing winds. He’s already the GOAT QB, but it seems like his magic is about to run out. Pump the breaks on the TB in TB hype train. It would be a shock to see them even make the playoffs.