Isiah Thomas Continues Beef With Michael Jordan by Agreeing With Anti-GOAT Argument

Over the years, Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas have shared a fractured relationship stemming from their intense rivalry on the court. The standing between the two Hall of Famers hasn’t seen any improvement. The former Detroit Pistons added another wrinkle to the situation after subtly bashing Jordan.

Isiah Thomas’ intense rivalry with Michael Jordan

Thomas experienced the bulk of his NBA success during the 1980s, including winning his two NBA titles.

However, the transition to the 1990s, where Jordan dominated the decade, featured his relationship with the Chicago Bulls star fracture. The tough physical playoff series led the latter to develop an intense hatred toward the Pistons because of their playing style through implementing the “Jordan Rules.”

The situation took another notable turn as Jordan played a significant part in preventing Thomas from joining the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. Since the two stepped into retirement, their relationship hasn’t improved. The former Pistons great hasn’t helped that after he bashed his longtime rival again.

Isiah Thomas continues beef with Michael Jordan by agreeing with anti-GOAT argument

Over the years, Thomas hasn’t shied away from publicly expressing his true feelings concerning Jordan.

The former Pistons great hasn’t exactly been the keenest on voicing that he believes Jordan is the greatest player in league history. He’s gone on the record to voice that he believes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds that mantel, while also stating that LeBron James may hold the edge over him in the GOAT discussion.

Thomas’ perspective may be shifted due to his complicated relationship with Jordan that hasn’t improved since their playing days. The Hall of Fame point guard showed his true color again after Nick Wright presented the case concerning why the former Bulls great isn’t the GOAT during a segment on FS1’s First Things last December.

Among the most eye-catching elements from Wright’s argument include him calling Jordan a “total loser” without Scottie Pippen. He based his argument off the Hall of Famers’ first three NBA seasons seeing him fail to lead his team to an above .500 record or beyond a first-round playoff exit. After that point, Jordan and Pippen found tremendous success, winning six NBA titles in the 1990s.

It’s a small sample size, but enough to catch Thomas’ attention to retweet the video on Twitter, voicing that he believes Wright’s stance was nothing but factual and valid information. It may not be a strong argument against GOAT’s status, but it’s one that the former Pistons great didn’t dispute both rather down on the stance.

Isiah Thomas still holds respect for Michael Jordan


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Thomas’ strong sentiment aside, he still holds a fractured relationship with Jordan.

If the Last Dance documentary demonstrated anything, it’s that the former Bulls great hasn’t moved past his disdain toward Thomas and the Pistons more than 30 years later. Despite all that, the two-time NBA champion voiced last year that he holds no hatred or bitterness.

“I don’t know [where our relationship stands now]. I mean really, I thought everything was alright,” Thomas said via Pistons Powered. “I mean, I’ve been to dinner with he and Ahmad Rashad, you know as you can see I covered his games when I was working for NBC, you know, really I didn’t know it was this kind of ice, but, really, I have no bitterness or hatred in my heart.'”

Thomas may be attempting to take the high road publicly, but it may be the years of backhanded remarks he made that Jordan can’t move past. Ultimately, it’s a two-way street that may never truly see the two Hall of Famers amend their standing.

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