Israel Adesanya Already Picked Out His Next Opponent but It’s Not Who UFC Fans Wanted

Israel Adesanya is one of the UFC’s most dominant champs, and he’s proven that he’s not afraid of anyone. After completing dominating Paulo Costa, Adesanya knew who he wanted to fight next. That said, despite feuding with Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya chose to call out someone else, much to UFC fan’s dismay.

Israel Adesanya’s undefeated UFC run

Israel Adesanya gives an interview after a recent UFC fight
Isreal Adesanya giving a post fight interview | Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Adesanya is an elite kickboxer who made the move into MMA, and many people had doubts about how good he was. Kickboxers have tried MMA before, and they often get beaten by wrestlers who choose to take them down to prevent them from striking. This didn’t happen to Adesanya, and he was able to become a true mixed martial artist. 

After joining the UFC in late 2017, he went on a tear and fought five times in one year, and he won every time. After an epic contest with Kelvin Gastelum for the interim belt, Adesanya came out on top, and then he fought Robert Whittaker for the real belt. Whittaker had never lost in the middleweight division, and Adesanya easily dominated him and became the undisputed champ. 

In 2020, Adesanya kept being active. He fought and beat Yoel Romero in March, and then he got himself a fight against Costa in late September. Costa was undefeated, and he had a record of 13-0.

Many fans thought that this would be a close fight, but it wasn’t. Adesanya easily dominated Costa, and Costa barely did anything. In the second round, Adesanya was able to knock Costa out, and he made it look easy. 

Calling out Jared Cannonier 

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With this win against Costa, Israel Adesanya had beaten yet another high-level middleweight. There are very few middleweights that Adesanya hasn’t beaten yet, and he called out one of them after his win.

During his post-fight interview, Adesanya called out Jared Cannonier by name. He said that if Cannonier beats Whittaker in their bout, which is scheduled for late October, he wants to fight Cannonier afterward. 

And, as MMA Junkie reported, the UFC agrees with him. Dana White, the UFC’s president, said, “Yeah, that’s the fight if Cannonier wins, and I love that about Israel.”

White praised Adesanya for always being down to fight the next contender, no matter who that person is. White also said, “The kid is an absolute stud.” 

Cannonier’s record isn’t as impressive as Adesanya’s or Costa’s, but he’s still a great fighter. He actually fought in the heavyweight division when he joined the UFC, but then he slimmed down to light heavyweight, and now, he’s at middleweight.

He’s currently undefeated in the middleweight division, and he’s knocked all three of his high-level opponents out, including the UFC legend, Anderson Silva.

UFC fans want Israel Adesanya to fight Jon Jones, though

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If Cannonier beats Whittaker, then a fight between him and Adesanya makes a lot of sense, but that hasn’t stopped people from being disappointed.

Adesanya has been beefing with Jones for a long time now, and it’s gotten so bad that even White said that a fight between the two was “the fight to make,” according to MMA Junkie.

There are many reasons why that fight is not very likely for the time being. Like MMA Junkie wrote, Adesanya wants to clean out the middleweight division. He’s beaten many of the top contenders, but there are still more.

On top of that, Jones recently announced that he was no longer fighting in the light heavyweight division. Instead, he plans to finally move up to heavyweight.

Although both Jones and Adesanya are about 6-foot 4-inches tall, Jones, at heavyweight, would have a massive weight advantage over Adesanya. This wouldn’t make the fight really fair, but it’s still a possible fight in the future if Adesanya puts on some weight.