J.J. Watt Has Serious Doubts About the 2020 NFL Season

There has remained significant concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus. Plenty of questions have arisen around the status around the NFL’s plan to roll forward with the 2020 season as planned. It’s a route that has raised many concerns from the players as the recommended precautionary measures have notably impacted the offseason schedule ahead of the regular season. With that in mind, Houston Texans star defensive end JJ Watt has once again vocalized his concerns with playing the upcoming campaign.

Uncertainty rolling around 2020 season

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It has been a tough stretch over the last several months due to the health concerns and issues that the coronavirus has caused.

That led to many industries in the United States being affected by the virus, including sports leagues. The NFL continues to remain optimistic about the entire situation, focusing on starting the 2020 campaign as planned. It’s not been an easy path to guide forward with the league having to take the recommended precautionary measures.

These steps have bit into the offseason plans to the point where the first two preseason games have been canceled. Meanwhile, the league has voiced that at least the first six to eight rows in stadiums will be tarped off during the regular season. The start of training camp has been pushed back to the end of July, which gives about six weeks to prepare for the regular season.

All of that raises many questions and concerns about whether this is the appropriate plan of action to take.

JJ Watt is skeptical about the 2020 season

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Following that path of sentiment, JJ Watt remains one of the most prominent player voices in the league.

Watt has aired concern over the route that the NFL is taking to make sure the 2020 season happens. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year voiced his doubts yet again on social media on Thursday as he stated his desire to play but listed out the number of issues that still lie ahead.

His comments further underline the concerns and unknowns that are still there with the virus. There are many ways that it could impact the players with more positive tests that could arise. Meanwhile, the league hasn’t gone through the proper medical protocol with each of their teams.

All that comes not long after Watt voiced that he wouldn’t play next season if he had to wear the plastic face shield under his facemask. There are many hurdles that the NFL still needs to get past first before things can progress toward a set plan for the 2020 campaign.

NFL has to figure it all out

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There are many hurdles that the NFL still has to jump through before a real conversation can be had about playing out the 2020 season.

The league must get the health protocols sorted out like the NBA and MLB are attempting to garner a basis to build around. Beyond that, the league faces a financial obstacle between the players’ association and owners as that chatter centers around players potentially taking upwards to a 35% pay cut.

That alone could lead to things continuing to linger and may be the source of the season not progressing forward. There are more players aside from JJ Watt that share his concerns and doubts, and the NFL must do whatever it takes to help ease that tension. Much of the situation remains out of their control with the virus, but putting forth the best clear and precise precautionary health practices could go a long way in getting things on track.

Ultimately, only time will tell if the NFL can get the 2020 season underway.