Jaguars’ Circus Continues After Byron Leftwich Removes Himself From Head Coach Consideration Following Failed Request

After a disastrous year, the Jacksonville Jaguars still have not named a successor to Urban Meyer. The organization has brought in a ton of candidates, and for some time, it looked like former Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich was going to be the guy.

However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator isn’t waiting around any longer. According to reports, Leftwich is no longer in the running for the job by his choosing. The reason appears to be a straightforward request the Jaguars couldn’t fulfill.

Byron Leftwich will not be the head coach of the Jaguars

For the past week or so, all signs pointed to Leftwich being the guy in Jacksonville.

However, that is no longer the case, and Leftwich’s reasoning is a terrible look for the Jaguars organization.

Leftwich was reportedly adamant that he wanted to bring in Adrian Wilson as the team’s new general manager. But, after discussions and deliberation, Jacksonville decided to stay with Trent Baalke, which appears to be the main reason Leftwich withdrew himself from consideration.

After a successful run as the OC with the Buccaneers, Leftwich emerged as a hot candidate for all of the job openings — and it appeared to be only a matter of time before he landed one of them. All he wanted was to bring in a new GM with him, and the Jaguars denied it.

However, it won’t be with the Jaguars, and the team’s insistence on rolling with Baalke looks to be the reason why.

The Jaguars are shifting their focus to a couple of former head coaches

With Leftwich out of the picture, the Jaguars are now focused on Rich Bisaccia and Doug Pederson to take over the reins of the mess that is Jacksonville.

After a playoff trip, Bisaccia’s run as the Las Vegas Raiders interim head coach ended when they decided to start fresh and bring in Josh McDaniels.

Pederson has also been a hot name but has yet to land a job, and with the openings dwindling by the day, perhaps Jacksonville is his best shot.

The decision by Leftwich might push the timeframe back a bit, but choosing to keep Baalke and lose out on one of the best options is another bad look for this team after seasons of mediocrity. The Meyer tenure was a joke, and fans even wore clown costumes to end the 2021 NFL season in an attempt to mock Baalke.

Despite all of that, the Jaguars are sticking with Baalke, and Leftwich wants no part of it.

The Buccaneers OC will land a job somewhere and could be the successor for Sean Payton

Byron Leftwich will not be the Jaguars head coach.
Byron Leftwich and Shad Khan | Douglas P. DeFelice/ Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The NFL coaching carousel continues to shift by the day. Jim Harbaugh was expected to be the favorite for the Minnesota Vikings before they decided to roll with Kevin O’Connell.

The lawsuit from Brian Flores puts a lot of teams’ decisions up in the air, and the Houston Texans putting strong consideration into Josh McCown is just another strange chapter in the coaching cycle.

Nonetheless, Leftwich will get a job at some point. Could he head to the New Orleans Saints and take over for Sean Payton?

The Saints requested an interview with Leftwich but have yet to meet with him. He should be a strong candidate for the job, although both Aaron Glenn and Dennis Allen are intriguing options.

If Leftwich doesn’t get a head coaching job, he will head back to Tampa Bay and try to fire up a Buccaneers offense that just saw Tom Brady walk into retirement.

Or, maybe Leftwich got a verbal agreement to sit and wait for Bruce Arians to retire. There are certainly many options for him as a future head coach in the NFL, but the Jaguars’ circus continues with their decision to keep Baalke and lose out on their former quarterback.

What are the Jaguars doing? After hiring and firing Meyer after less than an entire season, they lost out on their top choice. So, it’s back to square one.

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