Jaguars Rookie Trevor Lawrence Says He Deserves to Pick His Next Head Coach After the Urban Meyer Debacle

After a tumultuous start with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the team parted ways with head coach Urban Meyer less than a year after joining the franchise. Meyer’s departure leaves a massive decision ahead to hire his replacement. Rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence has voiced a firm stance regarding his involvement in the Jaguar’s head coach search.

Jaguars part ways with Urban Meyer

It didn’t take long for Meyer’s tenure in Jacksonville to fall apart.

Beyond struggling to find any success, the 57-year-old couldn’t establish a stable culture or environment. Several behind-the-scene incidents guided the Jaguars to part ways with Meyer less than a year into his five-year contract.

It featured him feuding with his coaches and players, reportedly calling several of his assistants “losers.” He was also accused of physically kicking the team’s ex-kicker Josh Lambo. The franchise dealt with a video emerging of him receiving a lap dance from a woman that wasn’t his wife at a bar.

The final straw came after Lawrence’s public comments imploring Meyer to keep James Robinson as the starter. The red flags piled up, leading the Jaguars to finally pull the plug on the tenure.

It all guided the rookie quarterback to take a firm stance concerning the head coaching search process.

Jaguars rookie Trevor Lawrence says he deserves to pick his next head coach after the Urban Meyer debacle

The entire debacle surrounding the Meyer situation put rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence in a difficult position.

The Clemson product has struggled to navigate through his first season as his porous play only amplified due to constant head coaching drama. Lawrence continues to publicly handle the matter professionally while airing his desire to finally garner a positive sense of direction.

“I wouldn’t believe you if you told me this is how this year was going to go,” the rookie said, according to ESPN‘s Michael DiRocco. “I think it (the coaching change) brings a little bit of clarity to the guys in the locker room. I wouldn’t say relief, but I would say just bring some clarity and some direction moving forward.”

As noted by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the broadcast team of Andrew Catalon and James Lofton for Sunday’s game revealed that the Jaguars’ rookie voiced in their production meeting that he wants a say in picking the next head coach. It’s not out of the norm to see a player become involved in some fashion, but it’s typically a process that the front office handles entirely.

However, Lawrence is the franchise’s future, making his relationship with the next hire a crucial aspect. The Jaguars will likely give him some involvement to keep him on board with whatever direction owner Shad Khan and the front office choose to head.

Jaguars’ next coaching hire will focus on Trevor Lawrence’s future


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It hasn’t been a promising rookie season by any means for Lawrence, but the internal tumult hasn’t helped.

The Jaguars possess a young roster that could make significant strides forward with the right tutelage and culture. Lawrence is garnering much-needed experience, albeit in a disappointing fashion, but it’s a basis for him to grow and progress in the maturation process.

Jacksonville will have several prominent coaching candidates emerge that possess offense backgrounds. Coaches such as Byron Leftwich, Josh McDaniels, and Eric Bieniemy may be potential targets.

Beyond all that, the Jaguars hold the franchise’s fate in their hands with the next head coach hire.

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